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  • Richard Gabai Talks About Hallmark Channel’s “A Gingerbread Romance”

    Richard Gabai is an actor, producer, director, and musician based in Los Angeles who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is a dedicated and passionate creator that I have known since 2011 when a film he directed and produced, “Insight,” starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea and Christopher Lloyd, […]

  • Life in Reels Productions Releases Award-Winning Film : Carving A Life

    Life in Reels Productions is releasing the award-winning feature film titled “Carving a Life“. Distributed by IndieRights, the film debuts as a limited theater premiere at the Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles on October 13. In addition to the premiere, the film is also available on Google Play and Amazon Video on Demand the same […]

  • Interview with Bill Sorvino of the Mommy’s Box Film

    Bill Sorvino is an actor who has starred in many films. Bill is also the creator of the Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City. I’ve recently viewed the feature film he’s in called Mommy’s Box. It’s a touching independent film that will make you want to hug your loved ones after you’ve watched […]

  • OFFENDER : Adrenaline-Fueled & Action Packed

    Tommy Nix (Joe Cole) is a construction worker who loves his girlfriend Elise (Kimberly Nixon) and their unborn child that she’s carrying. Kimberly Nixon stars as a probation officer who’s in her office doing mandatory check-in visits with people for her caseload. The action started within the first minute of the movie and never let […]

  • Dark Skies Movie Review : This Thriller Has Everything You Want

    On May 28, 2013, on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension Films will release Dark Skies into retail stores. Have you ever wondered, is it possible? That maybe, just maybe, we aren’t alone after all? If that has never entered your mind, it WILL when you watch Dark Skies! This mind […]

  • Alpha Males Experiment : A relationship roller coaster ride

    Alpha Males Experiement (aka Knuckle Draggers) is the perfect film to watch with a group of people. The ensemble cast presents a range of characters where a connection can be made with one or more of the situations presented. The story is a relationship roller coaster ride with funny highs and dramatic lows. The opening […]

  • Interview With Film Director Luke Massey

    Luke Massey is an English writer/director who is starting to make waves in the film industry with his first feature film named “Armistice” (previously titled Warhouse) which stars actors Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan. Luke is working on more upcoming feature films, so I think it’s time that we learn more about Luke in the […]

  • No Good Guys in ‘Green Guys’

    Green Guys, a stylish thriller with a strong ensemble cast, makes you like the bad guys so much you’re rooting for them, just a little bit. The film is currently on a multi-city tour, debuting in theaters across the country thanks to a partnership with movie screening company, Tugg. Movie Vine contributor Katie Moeller attended […]

  • The Avengers Record Opening Could Change the Landscape of the Summer

    BOOM! And with that, Marvel’s The Avengers has finally arrived and has conquered movie theaters everywhere. Just three days after the film’s release, The Avengers surpassed the $200 million mark and in just thirteen days has surpassed $700 million internationally. To put that feat into perspective, The Avengers has already surpassed the total domestic gross […]

  • Here’s A Trailer For The Amazing True Story “Argo”

    The Canadian Caper is a fascinating story well worth telling, and Ben Aflleck, fresh off his directorial smash The Town, seems to be the perfect guy to bring that story to the big screen. Affleck is joined by the Justice League of Greay Character Actors: Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Michael Parks, and Kyle Chandler. I […]