Sunday, January 19, 2020
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    The Awful Kind : by Justin Taite

    Production Photos Released for Justin Taite’s One Take Western Film “The Awful Kind”

    Production Photos Released for Justin Taite's One Take Western Film 'The Awful Kind'
    Peter Bishai

    Director Peter Bishai Talks About His “Rapid Eye Movement” Film and Offers Tips for Filming in New York

    Award-winning director Peter Bishai is not new to filmmaking. He wrote and directed the true-life saga "Colors of Heaven" (also known as "A Million Colors"). The film won two...
    Sawyer Sharbino and Kit DeZolt

    Sawyer Sharbino and Kit DeZolt Star in Comedic Series ORFAM

    Cast have been announced for the Free Minds Pictures pilot episode of ORFAM; a comedic series in which the foster youth are the voice of reason and the adults...

    “Back Fork” Review

    Writer/Director Josh Stewart’s new film Back Fork is a harrowing look at the current opioid epidemic in the States. It is both raw and unflinching as it grabs a...

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    Intensely Freaky New Trailer For Thriller Horror Film : Hostage

    I just recently watched the intensely freaky new trailer for the thriller horror film HOSTAGE. I like the trailer' quality, the fonts, the textures,...

    The Importance of Being Han of the Fast and Furious Movies

    Prelude The story of Han is a deep and complicated one. The character originated from Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow, a 2002 independent movie, and...

    “The Age of Adaline” Posters and Trailer Released

    The trailer and posters for The Age of Adaline have been released. Looking to be sad, yet one of the best films of the...

    “Star Trek Beyond” Rumored to be Title for Third Alternate Reality “Star Trek” Film

    According to TrekMovie, the third film in the alternate reality Star Trek film series and the thirteenth overall, will likely be titled Star Trek...

    The Expendables 2 Trailer & Posters

    The Expendables 2 slams into theaters everywhere on August 17th, 2012. The Expendables are back and this time it’s personal... Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone),...

    BluRay Review: “The Lorax” Might Be The Worst Film Of The Year

    It is hard to think of a bigger waste of resources than Illumination Entertainment's adaptation of The Lorax, which is ironic because the whole point of...