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  • Richard Gabai Talks About Hallmark Channel’s “A Gingerbread Romance”

    Richard Gabai is an actor, producer, director, and musician based in Los Angeles who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is a dedicated and passionate creator that I have known since 2011 when a film he directed and produced, “Insight,” starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea and Christopher Lloyd, […]

  • Blood Child’: Interview with writer and director Jennifer Phillips

    “Blood Child” is a thrilling horror movie that has been making waves in the festival circuit. Written and directed by debut filmmaker Jennifer Phillips, the horrific fantasy was inspired by the Malay myth of the Toyol—more commonly described as ghost children who are raised by black magic and devastate all involved. The film centers on the […]

  • Interview with movie maker David Field

    Australian actor David Field made his filmmaking debut in ‘80s soap Sons & Daughters before landing a plum role in 1986’s Ghosts of the Civil Dead, a John Hillcoat directed crime-drama from author and musician Nick Cave. Since then, the versatile thesp has appeared in many Australian film and TV series, includingA Country Practice, Chopper (2000) with Eric Bana, Gettin’ […]

  • Interview with filmmaker Gregory P. Wolk

    It was Stephen King, the master of horror, who pushed writer and producer Gregory P. Wolk to pursue a career in film. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker, and co-owner of Giant Meteor Films, talks about his new zombie film, Apocalypse Rising. He recently discussed this and more via an exclusive interview. Meagan Meehan (MM) of Movie […]

  • “3: An Eye for an Eye”: Interview with writer and director Lou Simon

    Born in Cuba, Lou Simon first discovered her love of writing when, as part of her English-learning classes, she was assigned to write a short story. The love of creative writing escalated from there and she’d walk away with a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Florida. After helping a friend […]

  • ‘Diane’: Interview with writer and director Michael Mongillo

    “Diane” is a new horror-thriller movie from Random Media that follows the story of a wounded Afghanistan war veteran who stumbles upon a beautiful corpse that becomes an obsession after he took a photo of her. Subsequently harassed by her widow, the police, and neighbors, Steve’s life is turned upside down by the dead woman. The movie had been […]

  • ‘Devil’s Cove’: Interview with Actress and Screenwriter Chloe Traicos

    You have to have a thick skin if you want to be an actor, confesses “Devil’s Cove” star Chloe Traicos. As the Zimbabwe-born thespian reveals in this exclusive interview, she works in the “toughest industry in the world” and – to quote Rocky Balboa – it can beat you to your knees and leave you […]

  • Interview with filmmaker Royce Gorsuch

    Royce Gorsuch started making movies – albeit on a VHS camcorder – at the age of 13. A decade later and he was shooting his first real movie, a documentary for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, which went on to win numerous awards. Later, Gorsuch would work for Intel, Reebok, Virgin America and other major companies, […]

  • “King Cohen”: Interview with Director Steve Mitchell

    Steve Mitchell kicked off his filmmaking career as the co-writer of the Jim Wynorski horror classic Chopping Mall (1986). He would later work on TV series’ G.I Joe, The Transformers and Pacific Blue. The idea for a documentary on legendary moviemaking maverick Larry Cohen came to Mitchell when was working for Image Entertainment – where he worked on DVD extras […]

  • “Darkness Reigns”: Interview with writer and director Andrew P. Jones

    Andrew P. Jones is the writer/director of ‘’Darkness Reigns,” a fun new horror film about a movie crew – along with actor Casper Van Dien, playing himself – who are stalked by an evil spirit in the haunted house they’re shooting at. Jones, who hails from a family of writers, started his career in a various of behind-the-scenes roles […]