Actress Cody Renee Cameron Talks About Her Motorcycle Adventure Along Route 66 And Raising Money For Charity

Cody Renee CameronCody Renee Cameron is a sweet, beautiful, bonafide actress and motorcycle lover. She’s had the pleasure of acting in notable projects in roles like ‘Crow Eater Cody’ in the television show “Mayan’s M.C.” (starring JD Pardo, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Danny Pino, Carla Baratta, Michael Irby, Emilio Rivera, Sarah Bolger, and Frankie Loyal), as ‘Candy’ in the movie “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” (starring Aaron Paul, Matt Jones, Charles Baker, Jonathan Banks, and Toddy Terry), and as ‘Chantal’ in the Netflix movie “Old Dads” (starring Bill Burr).

With over half a million fans on social media, Cody Renee Cameron recently took her small dog Chopper on an adventure riding along Route 66, visiting iconic locations, to help raise thousands of dollars for the dog charity from where she adopted him.

Along the vein of the “Ride with Norman Reedus” television show, Cody and her crew filmed the entire experience, hoping to have her adventure turned into a regular series, a woman-motorcycle-riding television show.

While filming her 10-day trip in September 2023, Cody would relay videos and photos to share with her social media audience. Her journey started in Santa Monica, California. She then went through Needles, CA; Flagstaff, AZ; Grants, NM; Tucumcari, NM; Shamrock, TX; Tulsa, OK; Springfield, MO; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; and Champaign, IL, where she connected with her past. She made one final stop where she ended the ride in Marion, Illinois, where she was born and raised, and then the Harley Davidson threw her and the crew a welcome home from the ride party.

Cody, with all your planning, how did your motorcycle charity ride along Route 66 go?

Mind-blowing. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We met so many incredible people, saw attractions and landscapes I’d only ever seen on the internet, got to support unique small-town businesses, and pushed our boundaries beyond what I’d imagined possible, both mentally and physically. Riding cross-country on a motorcycle is no joke! Plus, we raised $7.000 for the dog rescue, so I’m really proud of that!

Who went with you on your trip?

My riding buddy and best friend Jigger Ferrer rode his Dyna, and our friend Dave Paolucci drove our support truck with Chopper.

What were some unexpected things that happened along the way?

It actually got really cold. I was prepared for the heat. It was 104 degrees in the desert, which was challenging, but we just weren’t prepared with warm gear for riding in Texas and Oklahoma in what felt like 40 degrees with the wind and rain. We were riding sideways, fighting the wind across the planes for hours. I had pulled a muscle in my back the day before the trip, and the cold and riding really took a toll on my body. I joke we were held together by duct tape and salonpas!

What problems popped up, and how did you solve them?

We were super lucky with the mechanics of the machines. The ride went off without a hitch, thanks to Jigger and Dave being meticulous with the machines. I think the most challenging part is the mental game. There were definitely times when I thought there was no way I’d make it, but then you get your head right; you stop at a gas station and grab a Gatorade to cool off or a coffee to warm up and stretch, and maybe pep talk yourself in the reflection of someone’s car window and then BAM you’re off again, recharged and ready!

Where were some of your favorite places to visit?

One of my favorite stops was the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcuri, New Mexico. It’s one of the last motor courts in the U.S., which means each room has a garage attached to it! The outside is lit with neon lights, and every room has original pieces of furniture from the 40s. Robert, the owner, warmly welcomed us when we arrived and gave us a tour of the place filled with historical facts and personal stories. My room had a pink stove! Then, we hung out with other travelers outside, swapping road trip stories during the sunset. Everyone was so friendly and fascinating! It’s so hard to pick because there were so many amazing highlights to the trip! I also loved the Seaba Motorcycle Museum in Warwick, OK, Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, MO, and standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona. Oh, and the Uranus Fudge Factory in Uranus, MO. Can’t forget that one!

When you arrived at your final destination, what did you do and think about?

Riding into Chicago, where Route 66 ends, I thought I was going to feel way more emotional! My friend Cindy met us at our downtown Chicago hotel with deep-dish pizza in hand, and we hung out in the hotel room drinking celebratory Coca-Cola. I think I felt more emotional seeing my mom and sister in my hometown when we arrived! Black Diamond Harley Davidson threw us a welcome-home party, and it was just so fun riding motorcycles in my hometown. I learned to ride in L.A. nearly ten years ago, so there was just something so special about riding my own bike 2000 miles away from where I grew up!

Most importantly, how did Chopper handle the trip and seeing the sights?

Chopper is such a trooper! He is down for anything as long as he gets to be next to his mama! His favorite part was running around the waterfall in Joplin, MO. His least favorite part wdas sitting on my mom’s lap while I rode my sister’s horse. He wants to be on the horse with me! I’ve let him ride with me a couple of times. He’s such an adventure dog!

How did you get home? Did you ride home in a different way?

We trailered the bikes at Navy Pier in Chicago and towed them back to L.A.

Be sure to watch Cody’s travel motorcycle show titled “Iron Pony” on her YouTube at

Team members include:

Executive producer, creator, & host: Cody Renee Cameron
Executive producer & DP: Jigger Ferrer
Sound design: David Paolucci
Editor: Rachael McLachlan

…and make sure to follow her updates on her most popular social media outlet Instagram at

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