Actor Aaron Dalla Villa Announces Team For ‘One Man Army Productions’ Film Company

Actor, producer, and music artist Aaron Dalla Villa has launched New York-based ‘One Man Army Productions,’ a genre-shredding film production company focused on developing uncut gems.

The team of ‘One Man Army Productions’ is led by CEO and founder Aaron Dalla Villa, an actor and producer with over 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry across nearly 100 projects ranging from feature films, television, scripted podcasts, video games, Off-Broadway, and even professional ballet.

Rounding out the team:

Head of Creative Direction: Alexandra Warrick, a multi-award winning culture critic and NYC filmmaker who was featured in Vulture magazine for her short “Questions (Or: Peanut Butter).” She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she closely studied anti-comedy.

Head of Development: Benjamin Feldman, a WGA writer and producer responsible for managing production, sales, and development. He brings a decade of experience, having worked on features, series projects, and commercial projects on the East Coast for Netflix, IFC, Apple Films, and more.

Head of Research: Kelsey Engleman is an NYC-research scientist with a major in psychology and a minor in media, culture, and communications.

Head of Events: Nick Dove, an NYC writer, cinematographer, and fondly regarded staple of the downtown art scene, where he mounted an eclectic range of independent showcases at various venues.

Producer: Ian Whitt, a producer, actor, and writer currently operating in the Southeast/Atlanta market for One Man Army, where he received a Dean Fellowship at the Savannah College of Art and Design for his MFA in Performing Arts.

Head of Publicity: Wendy Shepherd is a publicist with over 22+ years of experience in digital graphics, website design, publicity, social media management, marketing, brand management, online publishing, and more. She has worked with well-known entertainment talent and films.

One Man Army Productions’ has been holding an exclusive screening series in the heart of downtown Manhattan at Sovereign House and will continue more screenings at that location.

Aaron and his team are developing several feature films and have investments in other projects. Details will be announced in time.

Wendy Shepherd

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