‘On The Ropes’ Film Update : Alex Vincent Roles and Film Deal

The ‘On The Ropes‘ comedy film has some news updates…

First, word is that actor Alex Vincent, best known for his role in Childs Play 1 & 2, has agreed to play a starring role in ‘The n00bs’ following his small cameo in ‘On The Ropes’.

Next, ‘On The Ropes’ has inked a film deal! Here is the press release for official details…


Cornerstone Media International is proud to announce that it has signed a worldwide agreement with Frozen Echo Productions and Ink Pixel Films. The exclusive 3 year deal begins with the UK release of ‘On the Ropes’, starring Joe Egan, Mark Noyce, Ben Shockley and Raymond Griffiths.

Nick Cooper, Managing Director for Cornerstone Media said:

“I am pleased that we were able to provide the title with our commitment of support from the early stages of production and are extremely proud and confident that it will deliver everything that audiences expect from a quality British feature film.”

‘Shaniqua’ and ‘The n00bs’ have been named as the company’s next two projects to enter the pre-production stages. Both comedies, ‘Shaniqua’ will tell the story of a girl’s ambition to become famous despite not having any noticeable talent and ‘The n00bs’ centres around a group of friends who decide to quit their day jobs to become professional video game competitors.

Hamdy Taha, Director for Frozen Echo Productions said:

“We are delighted to be signing the deal with Cornerstone. It has been a real pleasure working together with the Ink Pixel Films team on ‘On the Ropes’, and we are really looking forward to further successful collaboration on the new projects ‘Shaniqua’ and ‘The n00bs’.”

‘Shaniqua’ stars Emma Louise Cargill as the title character. ‘The n00bs’ will star Mark Noyce, Alex Vincent who is best known for his starring role as Andy Barclay in Child’s Play 1 & 2, and Steve Coleman.

Alex Vincent, American actor said:

“I’m definitely looking forward to coming over and working on ‘The n00bs’ project with Mark Noyce in England.”

Mark Noyce, Director of Ink Pixel Films said:

“We feel very fortunate to have the support of Cornerstone; this is a very exciting time for us. The release of ‘On the Ropes’ coming up, casting has just started on ‘Shaniqua’ and I’m really looking forward to welcoming Alex over to the UK for ‘The n00bs’.

Previous interview with Mark Noyce is here.

‘On The Ropes’ Trailer and info is here.

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