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  • “Back Fork” Review

    Writer/Director Josh Stewart’s new film Back Fork is a harrowing look at the current opioid epidemic in the States. It is both raw and unflinching as it grabs a hold of you and shoves you down into the rabbit hole of addiction. There it leaves you to free fall until you eventually hit rock bottom. […]

  • Richard Gabai Talks About Hallmark Channel’s “A Gingerbread Romance”

    Richard Gabai is an actor, producer, director, and musician based in Los Angeles who has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is a dedicated and passionate creator that I have known since 2011 when a film he directed and produced, “Insight,” starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea and Christopher Lloyd, […]

  • “3: An Eye for an Eye”: Interview with writer and director Lou Simon

    Born in Cuba, Lou Simon first discovered her love of writing when, as part of her English-learning classes, she was assigned to write a short story. The love of creative writing escalated from there and she’d walk away with a degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Florida. After helping a friend […]

  • Screenwriting, acting, and more: Interview with actor Michael Joseph

    Actor Michael Joseph was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his ancestry is Dutch and Polish. Michael attended The University of Oklahoma where he received a bachelor’s degree. While in college he booked his first television commercial and had the acting bug from that point on. After college Michael relocated to Florida where he began […]

  • Tales of Halloween with Paul Solet

    Writer/Director Paul Solet has an organic vision in film that is a rare find in today’s Hollywood. Every set, every prop, every ounce of light seem to be living and breathing in the background of his films. He entices his audience through his stories, and then when you are least expecting it he somehow manages […]

  • Live MYTHOS Concert with Austin Wintory, Composer of JOURNEY

    New York, NY (September12 2014) – Broadway musician Peter Sachon and Carbon Cello Productions , in conjunction with New York Comic Con 2014 and the first annual New York Super Week Festival, will present a thrilling and unique concert experience, MYTHOS, a showcase of great music from across the spectrum of modern orchestral genres — […]

  • Be in the Action with Noel Gugliemi

    Noel Gugliemi has been acting for over twenty-five years in films ranging from dramas, to comedies, action and thrillers. These days Noel is working on sharing a message of hope through his own films with his production company Entangled Entertainment. Beyond film Noel also owns the apparel company Godsterz Gear and travels as a guest […]

  • Stoker Review

    Park Chan Wook’s transition to Hollywood appears to have been a smooth one, and here he has created a subtle and beautiful looking piece of work. This is surprising for a director who has been associated with extreme cinema, from Oldboy’s (2003) live octopus scene to his subversive, bloody take on the vampire genre Thirst […]

  • Monumental Casting News

    Monumental is an independent film that just concluded fundraising. All film roles have now been cast. Production will be starting in June of 2013, with release expected sometime in 2014. Monumental tells the story of two young men who journey across the USA to honor one’s mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always […]

  • Interview With Actor / Writer Gary Cairns

    Gary Cairns, one of Hollywood’s busiest and brightest faces, took a moment to chat with Movie Vine’s Nicole about his upcoming projects, how road trips are good for the spirit and truly independent filmmaking. Welcome to Movie Vine, Gary! I got the chance to take a stroll through your IMDb page and you’ve been a […]