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  • Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” Hits DVD And BluRay On September 3rd!

    I quite enjoyed Iron Man 3, so I’m excited to share the news that Marvel has announced a home video release date for the film. Let’s just go straight to the press release: This fall, the highest-grossing movie of the year, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” launches on HD Digital 3D and HD Digital September 3, 2013, […]

  • “Lincoln” Is Coming To DVD And BluRay

    I wasn’t entirely impressed with Lincoln when I first saw it in theaters, but I’m certainly aware that I’m in the minority on that. Most people absolutely adore the film, and I’m interested in giving the film another shot when it comes out on BluRay. That second shot now how a date: according to today’s […]

  • BluRay Review: “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”

    Coming of age novels and films are a dime a dozen. Every aspiring novelist or film maker has toyed with the idea of making a semi-autobiographical work that involved their teenage experiences. Most of these pieces are terrible, but every once in a while a coming of age story turns all the right tumblers and […]

  • “People Like Us” Hits BluRay On October 2nd

    People Like Us, the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman (writer of Star Trek and Cowboys and Aliens) that features Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde is arriving on BluRay next month. From the press release: From the studio that brought you the award-winning blockbuster “The Help,” comes an emotional and inspirational story about a young man’s journey of self discovery as […]

  • Indiana Jones Is Finally Coming To BluRay!

    I’ve never met a single person that dislikes Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I hope I never do. I’ll stand up for Temple of Doom any day of the week, and Last Crusade is an incredibly entertaining film as well. All three films are coming to BluRay in a deluxe package, all digitally restored and crisp as a new […]

  • “Finding Nemo” Comes To BluRay On December 4th!

    We’ve shown you the Finding Nemo 3D trailers earlier this year, and we’ve mentioned Disney’s plans to finally bring the beloved Pixar classic to BluRay for the first time. Now we can give you all the official details, including a street date and a list of the various versions Disney is putting out. Here’s the […]

  • “E.T.” Flies On To BluRay

    E.T. is one of the few films that has made me cry every single time I’ve seen it. It’s Spielberg at his most personal and most wondrous, and I have a hard time picking between this and Jaws as my favorite film of his. Earlier we told you about Jaws hitting BluRay in August, and […]

  • “Jaws” Finally Makes Its Way To BluRay

    I’m of the opinion that Jaws is the greatest artistic achievement of the 20th century, so I’m crazy excited to hear that the flick is finally coming to BluRay as part of Universal’s “100 Years” celebration. I’m particularly stoked to see that the fantastic documentary The Shark Is Still Working will be included on the disc. For […]

  • BluRay Review: “War Horse”

    In A Nutshell: Steven Spielberg shows the horrors of war through the eyes of a remarkable horse and his long lost master. The Flick: From my original review: “No one can depict a war ravaged Europe like Spielberg can. Joey sees a lot of shit, and its all presented via Spielberg’s keen eye for detail and world building. […]

  • “War Horse” Arrives On BluRay And DVD

    I liked War Horse a lot, so I’m excited to share the details on the film’s home video release with you all today. From the press release: Legendary Academy Award-winning motion picture director/producer Steven Spielberg presents the critically acclaimed and multi Academy Award-nominated epic adventure “War Horse” on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On-Demand, April 3rd, […]