“E.T.” Flies On To BluRay


E.T. is one of the few films that has made me cry every single time I’ve seen it. It’s Spielberg at his most personal and most wondrous, and I have a hard time picking between this and Jaws as my favorite film of his. Earlier we told you about Jaws hitting BluRay in August, and now we have a quick look at the remastered version of E.T.that will hit shelves later this year:

And here’s a look at the Box Art:

There’s no official release date yet, but we’ll update this story with a pre-order link as soon as we can.

*For the record, the BluRay transfer will be a remastered version of the 1982 edit, not the 2002 version of the film with a computer enhanced E.T. This is the classic film, warts and all.