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  • Who Will Direct “X-Men: Days of Future Past”?

    Earlier this week rumors brewed that Matthew Vaughn was unhappy with the way the sequel to First Class was going and was inches away from quitting. A counter rumor quickly leaked that if Vaughn did so Fox would be more than happy to hire Bryan Singer, the man who directed the first two X-Men pictures […]

  • “The Wolverine” Has A Great Poster

    Fox held a live chat with Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold to give a behind the scenes look at next year’s The Wolverine, and most of it is the standard bright and cheery publicity nonsense. We did learn that the film would be in 3D though, and we also learned the film would actually […]

  • Tony Stark’s In Trouble In The First “Iron Man 3” Trailer

    Iron Man is my least favorite Marvel franchise, but even I’m intrigued by that trailer. It helps knowing Shane Black is taking the directorial reigns from Jon Favreau for this entry in the Stark saga. Favs would make a great car commercial director, and the first Iron Man was basically a car commercial when you […]

  • “Ant-Man” Is Scheduled For 2015

    Disney recently sent out an update on the Marvel slate, and along with the boring news that Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: Winter Soldier would be in 3D came the news that Ant-Man has a release date: November 6, 2015. Yep, we’re just three years away from Hank Pym making his theatrical debut. […]

  • Good Grief: Fox Animation Is Set To Make A “Peanuts” Film

    I’m well aware that Charles Schultz took plenty of opportunities to use the Peanuts gang for financial gain. For every Great Pumpkin there’s a Flashbeagle. These characters aren’t sacred. But they are American icons, the closest thing we’ve got to rival Europe’s fascination with Tintin, and it’s really weird to read the news that 20th […]

  • BluRay Review: “The Dark Knight Returns: Part One”

    The one-two punch of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns simultaneously revived and destroyed comics in the late 80s, and as long as Hollywood has been adapting comics into films fans have been clamoring for an adaptation of these seminal works. In 2009, Watchmen hit the big screen and proved there was a market for DC Comics’ famous tales, […]

  • Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Officially Has A Director

    For a while it’s been rumored that James Gunn, the eccentric filmmaker behind Super and Slither, has been on Marvel’s shortlist to helm Guardians of the Galaxy, the adaptation of the obscure Marvel series that will serve to introduce the cosmic threats that will rear their heads from time to time and fight against the Avengers. The Guardians […]

  • Disney Is Looking At Remaking “The Rocketeer”

    According to Vulture, Alan Horn is setting up a remake of The Rocketeer as his first production as the new Disney chairman. Horn recently took the job after Disney underwent massive restructuring due to a string of flops that culminated in John Carter‘s $200 million loss. Disney released the original 1991 film on BluRay this past December, and sales […]

  • Fox’s “Daredevil” Remake Is Dead

    Just weeks ago we reported that Marvel and Fox were negotiating to give Marvel rights to Galactus in exchange for an extension on Fox’s rights to Daredevil. Apparently the studios’ talks seem to not work out since Joe Carnahan, the director tapped to bring Daredevil to the screen, tweeted up a bit of a storm yesterday: The […]

  • Has Warner Brothers Found A “Justice League” Director?

    Warner Bros is under a lot of pressure right now. All their long term franchises are ending, and they’ve had little success starting up any new ones. The Dark Knight is done. Harry Potter is finished. They’ve got The Hobbit on deck to weather the storm, but most of their eggs are being put into the DC Comics basket, particularly […]