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  • “Dead List”: Interview with Holden Andrews and Victor Mathieu

    Holden Andrews and Victor Mathieu make up two of the three directors (Ivan Asen being the third) on High Octane Pictures’ new horror release Dead List. Andrews started making movies at USC, which led to a job with Digital Domain, which he cut his teeth as a commercial director. He teamed with Mathieu – who […]

  • Interview with filmmaker Alexander D’Lerma

    Alexander D’Lerma is winning raves for his new movie, titled “Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia” which was released in April of 2018. The award-winning movie tells the story of an agoraphobic man and a female marine struggling to overcome paralyzing circumstances. Alexander recently discussed the film and more via an exclusive interview. Meagan Meehan (MM) of […]

  • “The Basement”: Producer Mark Heidelberger Discusses his Latest Movie

    Mark Heidelberger saw “Ghostbusters” four times in the theater. All these years later, he’s making films as unique and original as Ivan Reitman’s 1984 classic. A well-regarded producer who has worked with the likes of Christian Bale, Ed Asner and Malcolm McDowell, Heidelberger recently filled us in on how he got into producing, clues us […]

  • Vampire, ballerinas, and more: Interview with actress Kristina Anapau

    Though best remembered for her role as the vampire Maurella on TV’s “True Blood” and as ballerina Galina in the film “Black Swan,” Hawaiian-born actress Kristina Anapau has played oodles of different and very versatile roles since making her film debut as a teenager in 1997’s “Escape from Atlantis.” Kristina’s most recent role is in […]

  • Screenwriting, acting, and more: Interview with actor Michael Joseph

    Actor Michael Joseph was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his ancestry is Dutch and Polish. Michael attended The University of Oklahoma where he received a bachelor’s degree. While in college he booked his first television commercial and had the acting bug from that point on. After college Michael relocated to Florida where he began […]

  • More Crow’s Blood with Clint Sears

    Writer Clint Sears (Halloween Tales) is gearing up for the English premiere of his much anticipated Japanese/American mini-series Crow’s Blood. El Rey Network will be airing Crow’s Blood as part of their “Horror by Numbers” Halloween Marathon this weekend. We caught up with Clint to talk about the evolution of Crow’s Blood, what it was […]

  • Interview with actor Tim Abell, star of ‘Circus Kane’

    Actor Tim Abell is a very interesting individual, to say the least. A teacher of ballroom dancing, a horse trainer, a writer, martial artist, boxer, cook, producer, and Army Ranger, Tim’s foray into acting seemed to solidify all the various roles he has played throughout his life. Time grew up in the Maryland/Virginia are and […]

  • Sand Castle with Neil Brown Jr

    Over the past couple of decades Neil Brown Jr. has made his mark with memorable roles in hit shows and films like The Walking Dead, Suits, Fast & Furious and Battle Los Angeles to name a few. In 2015, Neil stunned audiences and critics alike with his remarkable portrayal of DJ Yella in Straight Outta […]

  • Interview with the founders of Horsehead Cinema

    Horsehead Cinema is a privately-owned motion picture production company that is based in Pasadena, California, and was established in 2014. Founders Nguyen Nguyen and Steven Joshua Morrison are actively working to ensure that their company produces high-quality feature films. Nguyen Nguyen is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara in Film Studies and […]

  • Back Fork with Josh Stewart

    It’s been thirteen years since Josh Stewart made his mark as rookie Brendan Finney on Third Watch. Now with over a decade of playing some of the most interesting, memorable and fan favorite characters in both television and film Josh is gearing up to direct his second feature film Back Fork.  MV: Welcome to Movie […]