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  • “Star Trek Beyond” Rumored to be Title for Third Alternate Reality “Star Trek” Film

    According to TrekMovie, the third film in the alternate reality Star Trek film series and the thirteenth overall, will likely be titled Star Trek Beyond. Following previous films Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, the new film is said to feature the deep space five-year mission voyage of the USS Enterprise, the new film […]

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    2016’s “Star Trek” Film Rumored to Add Bryan Cranston-like Villain and More Female Characters

    A new villain has been rumored to be added to the cast of 2016’s Star Trek film. The 50th anniversary of the franchise is said to include a Bryan Cranston-like actor in the role of the USS Enterprise‘s new enemy. Villains in the previous two alternate reality films have been Eric Bana as the vengeful […]

  • Thirteenth “Star Trek” Film set for Release in the Year of the Franchise’s 50th Anniversary

    Set for a July 8, 2016 release, the thirteenth Star Trek film has been confirmed to be written by Simon Pegg (who portrayed Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the first two alternate reality films) and Doug Jung, presumed to be joining previous writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. The film will be directed by Justin Lin, […]

  • “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” Trailer Released

    In the midst of the recent death of Tom Clancy and the release of its poster, the first trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has been released. Featuring thrills, witty dialogue and chilling music, the trailer sets the tone for the fifth Jack Ryan film, which appears to be a sure good time, to me. […]

  • “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” Poster Released

    Coinciding with the death of Tom Clancy on October 1, 2013, the first teaser poster for the Kenneth Branagh directed, Tom Clancy based film has been released, featuring Chris Pine as Jack Ryan. Formerly a United States Marine, Jack Ryan is a man of great skills, that finds himself entangled with the CIA. In a […]

  • Kenneth Branagh’s “Jack Ryan” Reportedly Retitled “Jack Ryan: Shadow One”

    With a previously announced release date of December 25, 2013, the latest film featuring Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan character has had little information released on it. However, it has now been reported that a trailer has been shown to test audiences, offering with it, a new title: Jack Ryan: Shadow One. The film stars a […]

  • First Official Poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

    “Into Darkness,” the sequel to JJ Abram’s 2009 re-imagining of the Star Trek franchise, debuted its first official poster today. The cryptic art for the film features a charred city’s ruins that outline (in the shape of the Starfleet emblem) a lonely figure turned away from us. The iconic core characters are conspicuously absent, though […]

  • “People Like Us” Hits BluRay On October 2nd

    People Like Us, the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman (writer of Star Trek and Cowboys and Aliens) that features Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde is arriving on BluRay next month. From the press release: From the studio that brought you the award-winning blockbuster “The Help,” comes an emotional and inspirational story about a young man’s journey of self discovery as […]

  • “This Means War” – A Review

    This Means War is an addictive comedy film starring veteran Star Trek actor, Chris Pine (James T. Kirk in Star Trek) and Tom Hardy (Jean-Luc Picard clone in Star Trek Nemesis) as two CIA agents who are competing for the love of one woman, portrayed here by Reese Witherspoon. The film is directed by McG […]

  • Chris Pine Tops List to Portray Title Role in “Robocop” Remake

    MGM has announced its top choice to portray the role of Alex J. Murphy, previously portrayed by Peter Weller. Alex is a police officer who is nearly killed, but restored with cybernetics and fittingly given the name Robocop. The studio has decided its top choice shall be Chris Pine. The new Robocop film is to […]