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  • The First Trailer For “The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug” Is Here

    I never got around to filing a review of the first Hobbit film, and while part of that has to do with the glut of films that hit cinemas this past winter another part had to do with how mixed my reaction was. It’s a clumsy film at times, but it has just as many […]

  • Here’s The New “Hobbit” Trailer

    I quite liked the first Hobbit trailer. It had a hint of the Lord of the Rings’ epic scope and it felt like a wonderful return to Middle Earth. This second trailer? I’m not too happy with it. The look has gone from realistic fantasy to storybook fantasy, and this honestly looks like a Narnia film. Everything’s a bit […]

  • Check Out The New “Hobbit” Poster

    Nerd Mecca, The San Diego Comic Con, takes place this weekend. All the nerdiest TV shows and geekiest movies currently in production will have panels there, and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is on that list. In anticipation for the panel, Warner Bros has released an exclusive poster for those attending the Con, and we’ve got a look […]

  • Here’s A Great New Pic From “The Hobbit”

    The LA Times published a slight puff piece this morning about The Hobbit, but the real meat is a new picture of Bilbo as he slays one of the spiders* in the forest of Mirkwood. The major difference between Bilbo and Frodo is the fact that Bilbo’s journey is much more action oriented. Instead of […]

  • Feast Your Eyes On The “Hobbit” Trailer

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy will always have a special place in my heart. The films were released just as I began to seriously begin studying the history of cinema and embracing my film fandom, and it was a genuine thrill to be guaranteed at least one amazing film at the end of each […]

  • Meet Thorin Oakenshield, Dwarf Leader in “The Hobbit”

    Lord of the Rings fan site has premiered what I presume is the final dwarf from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, and it’s none other than Thorin Oakenshield. As a young Dwarf prince, Thorin witnessed the destruction and terror wrought when a great fire-breathing Dragon attacked the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. After slaughtering many of Thorin’s […]

  • Here’s Fili and Kili of “The Hobbit”

    MSN has the newest photo from Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit,” prequel to the Academy Award winning “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Warner Bros have been releasing pictures for about a week now, first of Nori, Ori, and Dori and followed by the Klingon-esque Oin and Gloin. All these homely dwarves must have the marketing folks a bit worried. […]