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  • Interview With Prolific Character Actor Lew Temple

    Lew Temple, most recognized as Axel from The Walking Dead, is an actor with the ability to sink into his roles and become a completely different person, stamping his own mark on all the characters he portrays. With a variety of work under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down and continues to […]

  • Hi-yo, Silver! The “Lone Ranger” Trailer Is Here

    Well, that looks incredibly expensive. And violent. Disney seems to know they’ve got something great on their hands, and they seem determined to market it well and not pull a John Carter with Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger. Depp and Hammer seem excellent here, and I gotta admit this is one very nice trailer to […]

  • Johnny Depp Explains His Version Of Tonto

    Earlier this month we showed you the first image of Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp as the Lone Ranger and Tonto in Disney’s big budget Lone Ranger adaptation. Johnny Depp recently spoke to EW about his take on the character, and he took a moment to explain that dead bird he’s using as a hat. “I’d […]

  • “Are they not complimentary?” – A Review of “The Rum Diary”

    A film of which has held onto my anticipation since filming in 2009 and has combined the great Johnny Depp once again with the also terrific Hunter S. Thompson‘s writing is The Rum Diary, released on October 28th, 2011. The film lived up to and beyond my wildest expectations of a crazy journey into the […]

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides on Blu-ray & DVD 10/18

    Skip-to-my-lou, jump up and down, and get ready… the time has finally arrived! Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this October 18th! In this chapter of the POTC movies, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) searches for the Fountain of Youth. Along the way he discovers someone has […]

  • Here’s a Look at Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”

    Celebuzz has photos of Johnny Depp on the set of Dark Shadows, the latest Tim Burton film, and…well…. OK, I’ll be honest, I just can’t get excited for anything by Tim Burton anymore. Let’s take a good hard look at his filmography, shall we? In the past 10 years he hasn’t made a single good movie, […]

  • “The Rum Diary” Trailer Released

    A film long in the works and due near the end of 2011 is the Hunter S. Thompson originated film semi-follow-up to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary. The film features Johnny Depp in the leading role as Paul Kemp, a journalist who is on a drink-infested assignment in Puerto Rico. It […]

  • The Lone Ranger is Shut Down by Disney

    The LONE RANGER was getting the cast ready and was going to start shooting the filming this fall. It was to star ARMIE HAMMER as THE LONE RANGER, and JOHNNY DEPP as TONTO. But Disney shut down production because of disputes between the studio and Jerry Bruckheimer over the budget for the tent-pole, which was […]

  • “The Vault” Comic to Become Film

    Already sold-out comic book, The Vault, is to receive a big screen theatrical adaption. The comic series has three issues of which to draw material from and hits stores this week. The story in the comics revolves around a few divers off the coast of Nova Scotia who uncover a sarcophagus that contains strange remains. […]

  • Johnny Depp Rumored to Want Russell Brand for Fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” Film

    Earlier in the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, it was rumored that Russell Brand would portray Jack Sparrow’s brother. Now comes a rumor that Johnny Depp wants Russell Brand in the role of his new sidekick in the fifth adventure in the series. The fourth film has grossed over $1 billion and […]