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  • Screenwriting, acting, and more: Interview with actor Michael Joseph

    Actor Michael Joseph was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his ancestry is Dutch and Polish. Michael attended The University of Oklahoma where he received a bachelor’s degree. While in college he booked his first television commercial and had the acting bug from that point on. After college Michael relocated to Florida where he began […]

  • Pixar Announces Three New Movies

    And with that, we can give solid information on Pixar’s release slate for the next three years. We’ve known a bit about these films for a few months through rumors and conjecture, but this is the first official announcement from Pixar regarding when each flick will hit screens. Brave arrives this summer, and then the […]

  • 2011 In Film: John’s Favorite Films Of The Year

    I haven’t seen every movie released this year. Even with the assistance of VOD, Netflix, and the many platforms we’re able to use when it comes to ingesting films I haven’t been able to see everything. So with that in mind, this isn’t a BEST OF 2011 list. This is more of a highlight reel, […]

  • David Della Rocco Interview

    David Della Rocco is one of the most well loved and respected members of BDS cast. Honored as the “Funny Man”, he works hard and respects his fans. He shows great admiration for the art of film and to this day still helps his friends with their promotions around the country. Kale Slade: Being a […]

  • Sanel Budimlic Interview

    A man borne of tragedy and triumph, Sanel Budimlic is a man who brings inspiration to those around him and to those who look up to him. After his harsh life during the Bosnian/Serbian War, he came to the United States in search of something more, something better…and found it. Kale Slade: Your life has […]

  • Remake or Not To Remake: What Do You Think?

    Lately it seems like there are a lot of movies being remade.  My friend and I have discussions on this subject a lot.  She says, “A classic movie should never be remade because it tarnishes the original and it makes Hollywood looks lazy.”   Is there a lack of imagination with writers? Or is Hollywood just trying to make money off old movies with new […]