Sanel Budimlic Interview

Sanel Budimlic

A man borne of tragedy and triumph, Sanel Budimlic is a man who brings inspiration to those around him and to those who look up to him. After his harsh life during the Bosnian/Serbian War, he came to the United States in search of something more, something better…and found it.

Kale Slade: Your life has been grand, your love and heart for film, friends and family grander still, how often do you show your love through your portrayals?

Sanel Budimlic: I hope that people know I show my love for film, for life, for family, for friends and for freedom. My life has been finding those people I can be comfortable around, knowing that we have the same vision.

Kale Slade: How often do you get to portray roles that hit close to your heart?

Sanel Budimlic: Not often, but when I do I put 100% into it. Hopefully the future will have more opportunities knocking on my door, but right now I’m not hearing those knocks… God forbid I’m not running deaf.

Kale Slade: Has your experience in the United States been fulfilling to you?

Sanel Budimlic: I have a whole new life now, I have a wife and two beautiful girls, so yeah, I would say my experience in the U.S. has been fulfilling.

Kale Slade: If you could portray any character, who would it be?

Sanel Budimlic: I have a real love for music and for musicians. I don’t play any musical instruments, so it would be a fantasy of sorts to portray a musician or band member.

Kale Slade: You are an inspiration to me and on behalf of myself and other fans, I ask, what is your method of connecting with your fans?

Sanel Budimlic: I didn’t even know I had fans, but if there are some of them out there it’s nice to hear. I have a personal website I’m putting out there,, that I hope people will come and visit so that I can introduce them to the Bosnian culture.

Sanel Budimlic is a new documentary called Off The Boulevard: plus make sure to visit his official website at


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