Interview with Actress Molly Jackson

Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson

Molly Jackson is a young actress making her way in her film career. Find out more about Molly in the interview below:

Molly, for someone so young you have quite a resume; from voice acting to appearances in television series, plays, shorts, and movies. What made you decide to enter the entertainment industry and acting in particular? Is there a particular type of work you prefer?

Molly Jackson: Ever since I was four I was always performing for people. I would sing and put on plays at my parent’s parties. I loved the reaction I could get out of people. My mom saw how I loved performing and signed me up for local theater! I honestly don’t have a favorite type of work! I love voice-over, TV, move, and theater!

Can you tell us more about your upcoming movie and role in, Circle?

Molly Jackson: Circle is a sci-fi/thriller film that keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole time! The film brings up a lot of controversial topics and is great for a debate. I play the innocent child (Katie) in the group of 50 people. Katie is scared, nervous, and shocked at how selfish and immature adults can be.

I had the pleasure of watching Circle. It was dark, spooky, and very intense. Was this your first thriller/sci-fi film?

Molly Jackson: This was my first sci-fi film, but I have done a horror/thriller before, it was called Visions. You can find Visions on Seraph Films YouTube page!

Circle is darker than your previous works. How did you prepare for this type of role?

Molly Jackson: To prepare for this film I took one of my greatest fears, and thought of that when my character had to cry.

Molly Jackson in Circle
Molly Jackson in Circle

Circle is a very ominous and mysterious movie. What was your experience filming on such a set? Did everyone try to keep it light and fun while not working, aiding to offset the seriousness of the movie? Or was the mood dark and gloomy, in order to help the actors stay in character?

Molly Jackson: Filming on this set was an amazing experience! Everyone kept it light and fun. We made Vines and played games between every take!

Circle is now available on Netflix. You did such a great job! I was so nervous for your character. Were you told ahead of time if your character would survive or did the director choose to keep it a secret from you?

Molly Jackson: Thank you so much! I was told ahead of time, and I was very excited to die too!

A very unique point about this film is the starkness. Unlike most movies, the set was very minimal, even your movements were restricted to the red circle the actors stood on. Did you find it difficult to act in such a confined space?

Molly Jackson: I did find it difficult at times. I love expressing my emotions through body language, so this was quite difficult.

Describe your experience working alongside actress Julie Benz? Being the only child on set with a large cast of adults must have been interesting. Did you find it intimidating?

Molly Jackson: Working alongside Julie Benz was a great opportunity. She was so professional, kind, and funny. It was very interesting working with only adults. I found it intimidating at first, but I quickly felt very comfortable. The adults made it such a fun environment for me, and they taught me a lot about the biz!

If you had to pick, which character would you have saved and why, in Circle?

Molly Jackson: I would have saved the pregnant woman, just like Katie tried to do. I would have done this because, the pregnant woman is TWO lives, and one is just beginning!

Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson

I’ve also watched your web series DreamWorks, The Magnificent Life of Meg. It’s very funny. Do you have a lot of experience with comedy? Your resume includes improvisation. Do you find those skills helpful when working on this series? Do you have opportunities to ad-lib?

Molly Jackson: Thanks for watching me as Meg! That was such a fun project to film! Yes, I do have a lot of experience with comedy. Improv and comedy skills are great to have, as they help me keep the material new and funny each time!

What other upcoming projects from you can your fans look forward too?

Molly Jackson: They can look forward to my short film “The Shadow Guide: Prologue” with Seraph films. They will also be able to catch me in a new episode of Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.

With your incredibly busy schedule, how do you find the time to juggle your school work and acting career?

Molly Jackson: It can be very challenging at times, but I always find time. Whether it is after dinner, in the car, or in a waiting room, I get it done! I love school, and it’s very important to me, so if I ever fall too far behind, I know it’s time to book out from acting for a bit.

Name three things you’d like your fans to know about you.

Molly Jackson: I’m an “Army Brat”.
I’m fortunate to have two of the best and supportive parents in the world!
I plan on making some great changes in the world.

Thank you Molly!

You can keep up to date with Molly on her official outlets:

By Sidney L. Shaola

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