Remake or Not To Remake: What Do You Think?

Lately it seems like there are a lot of movies being remade.  My friend and I have discussions on this subject a lot.  She says, “A classic movie should never be remade because it tarnishes the original and it makes Hollywood looks lazy.”   Is there a lack of imagination with writers? Or is Hollywood just trying to make money off old movies with new stars to reach a new audience?  If that is the case, is the younger audience appreciating what the original movie was about?

I think if a classic movie is being remade, it should have the same plot with better special effects.  But there are also some movies that should not be remade.  So what do you think remake or not to remake?

By Michelle Hassenstab


  1. I love classic movies and have seen some remakes of those movies. Some were well done, others not so well. I think it has to be the right movie with the right people working on it. I know remakes could help the younger audience appreciate the classics, my boys will watch both classics and remakes and form their own opinions, which at times differ from mine 🙂

  2. I’m amazed at how many films I had never heard of until the remake version of it. I think it’s harder for someone who is attached to an original (whether it’s because of the actors in it or the story) to like a remake as much. I think I’ll be struggling with this very thing when it comes to the new Spiderman being released soon.

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