David Della Rocco Interview

David Della Rocco

David Della Rocco is one of the most well loved and respected members of BDS cast. Honored as the “Funny Man”, he works hard and respects his fans. He shows great admiration for the art of film and to this day still helps his friends with their promotions around the country.

Kale Slade: Being a great inspiration to me personally, how has your life been fulfilling to others?

David Della Rocco: Gee, I don’t know, my girlfriend says that I am very fulfilling to her, you’d have to ask the others.

Kale Slade: With your many triumphs and setbacks in life, you still push forward and have the integrity and heart to care for your fans. Have they shared the same appreciation for you?

David Della Rocco: The fans are off the hook and I have never seen anything like them. They are fantastic. Never once have I spoken to any fans who have not shown the deepest respect for me and adoration for the work.

Kale Slade: What’s next for you in life?

David Della Rocco: Just as we’ve seen in the documentary, Off the Boulevard, it can be a struggle sometimes, you just try to keep moving forward.

Kale Slade: How often do you get to hone and perfect your craft?

David Della Rocco: Whenever the opportunity presents itself. The real question is, how often do opportunities arise?

Kale Slade: What is your most inspiring way to connect with your fans?

David Della Rocco: To do the best possible work I can.

David Della Rocco is a new documentary called Off The Boulevard: http://www.offtheboulevard.com plus make sure to visit his official website at http://www.daviddellarocco.com