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  • The Avengers Available September 25th on DVD and Blu-ray

    I loved watching The Avengers in the theater and I can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on Blu-ray, which will be on September 25th, 2012! That date can’t come fast enough! Here’s a clip of The Avengers and more press info below…   Coming this fall, the third highest-grossing movie of […]

  • So Who Was That Guy At The End Of “Avengers”?

    We’re nearly two weeks out from the release of The Avengers, and judging by the box office take most of our readers have seen it. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this right now, ’cause I’m about to get spoileriffic up in here. Still reading? Ok. So you may be wondering who that purple […]

  • The Avengers Record Opening Could Change the Landscape of the Summer

    BOOM! And with that, Marvel’s The Avengers has finally arrived and has conquered movie theaters everywhere. Just three days after the film’s release, The Avengers surpassed the $200 million mark and in just thirteen days has surpassed $700 million internationally. To put that feat into perspective, The Avengers has already surpassed the total domestic gross […]

  • “Avengers” Clobbers Box Office Records

    Batman and Harry Potter were forced to step aside this afternoon when Disney released their sales figures for The Avengers. The Marvel team-up scored an astounding $200.3 million in the past three days in the United States, setting the record for the highest grossing weekend by a wide margin. The record was previously held by […]

  • The Avengers Review

    Five years after the words “Avenger Initiative” were uttered by Nick Fury in the after credits scene of Iron Man, Marvel’s “The Avengers” is finally in theaters and worry not Marvel fans because this movie has been well worth the wait. Never before has anything as ambitious as what Marvel is trying to pull off […]

  • Here’s The New Trailer For “The Avengers”

    Earlier today we brought you the Battleship ad that played during the Superbowl. A bit of this Avengers spot played last night as well, but Marvel has given us the extended trailer that has a few more action shots, including some Hulk action that quite frankly excites me the most. I’ve long held that The […]

  • “The Avengers” Will Be In 3D…But There’s A Catch…

    The Wrap is reporting that Disney and Marvel have ordered the producers of The Avengers to post-convert the film into 3D for it’s May 4th, 2012 release. In other news, I’ll be making a point of seeing the film in 2D. Thor and Captain America were both released in 3D this past summer, and both were […]

  • “The Avengers” Assemble For A Great Teaser Trailer

    We’re just seven months away from every marvel fan’s dream film, The Avengers. Marvel has released a teaser trailer today, and it looks awesome. Let’s break it down, shall we? –Samuel L. Jackson gets a great entrance as Nick Fury. –Robert Downey Jr. gets most of the great lines. –Jeremy Renner is doing his best […]

  • I Have No Plans To Die Today: A “Thor” Review

    What follows are my thoughts on Marvel’s Thor, which is out now on DVD. There are many spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it, long story short: Buy it. It’s good. OK, here we go… I was between gigs when Thor hit theaters this past May, with only a Summer Movie Guide at my old […]

  • Captain America Featured in New Photos from “The Avengers” Set

    The Avengers, due for release on May 4th, 2012, is currently filming. New set photos have emerged featuring the heartbroken, though not obviously here, Steven Rogers, the hero known as Captain America. The film features a team known as The Avengers which also features many other heroes including Tony Stark (Iron Man), Thor, Bruce Banner […]