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  • Spaceman – Review

      Spaceman is loosely based on the story of Major League Baseball pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman” Lee. If you love baseball, and are a fan of Bill, then this is the film for you. The first half of the film shows Bill’s quick spiral down and falling out of the league. Surrounded by a green fog Bill […]

  • Edge of Winter – Review

    Writer/Director Rob Connolly’s feature directorial debut Edge of Winter is a thrilling view into human nature when tested by extreme situations. Joel Kinnaman (Suicide Squad) plays Elliot Baker a down on his luck man whose only joy in life is his two estranged sons. When Elliot’s ex-wife drops the boys off for a rare visit […]

  • Encore of Tony Duran : Review

    I have to admit that if I went purely off the trailer alone, I don’t think I would have tried The Encore of Tony Duran. This isn’t to say the trailer is particularly bad. It’s the fact that indie films can be very hit and miss when it comes to heartfelt dramas, with many missing […]

  • BluRay Review: “Oblivion”

    If you took every major sci-fi landmark of the last fifty years and put them in a blender, the result would look an awful lot like Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion. That isn’t necessarily a problem, as the genre is constantly riffing on that which came before, but die hard sci-fi fans will find little new here. But […]

  • LOVELACE : Review

    As a pre-teen in the 70’s, I remember riding the school bus down Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, CA and seeing the marquee for Deep Throat. I didn’t quite understand the significance of this movie at the time. I also didn’t understand why this movie had such long lines wrapped around the block no matter […]

  • DVD Review: “Evil Dead”

    I’m not against remakes. Sure, Hollywood tends to lean on them a lot lately, but that’s only because audiences are usually more comfortable with the familiar than going to see something new. Whenever a remake is announced, fans get up in arms and gnash their teeth and exclaim “How could they do this!?!?!” and then […]

  • The East : Review

    The East is a well-crafted, beautifully-shot story about justice for humanity’s crimes against nature – and thus against itself – but it seems to me that it is predominantly a story about the individual. Change, after all, begins with one person doing the right thing. The film opens with choppy, home video footage of a […]

  • OFFENDER : Adrenaline-Fueled & Action Packed

    Tommy Nix (Joe Cole) is a construction worker who loves his girlfriend Elise (Kimberly Nixon) and their unborn child that she’s carrying. Kimberly Nixon stars as a probation officer who’s in her office doing mandatory check-in visits with people for her caseload. The action started within the first minute of the movie and never let […]

  • Now You See Me : Review

    I believe the mark of a good movie is to deliver on it’s promise. This is probably a textbook comment but in recent times, a movie’s premise has shown a remarkable ability to be as slippery and impossible to keep hold of as The Road Runner, leaving us, the audience, in the increasingly irritable role […]

  • The Magic Flute : Review

    This review contains spoilers… The beauty of cinema is that it’s able to take on new forms, regardless of what its previous form was, and sometimes in spite of it. Sir Kenneth Branagh’s (director of Thor) The Magic Flute is the English adaptation of Mozart’s opera by the same name. The movie almost manages to […]