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  • Borowski Does It Again with “Maniac” – An Exclusive Review

    Awe-inspiring, full of character-driven moments and packed with a great amount of brilliance, Maniac is a thrill-ride that is not to be missed. The short is directed and produced by award-winning Sam Borowski (Night Club, Pollination *) and written by Nihad Shalabi. With performances that grip you, the short revolves around the Man, a character […]

  • Sam Borowski’s “Maniac” to Premiere at FLICKERS

    Maniac, the newest short film from award-winning director Sam Borowski (director of the award-winning Night Club and Pollination *) has its premiere date. It will make its World Premiere at the FLICKERS Rhode Island International Film Festival, an Oscar-Qualifying Film Festival on Saturday, August 10 at 8:15 p.m. at the Bell Street Chapel Theatre. Directed […]

  • “Maniac” receives a familiar one sheet

    The new project produced and directed by Sam Borowski may be a short film, but it has the story, characters and feeling of a feature film in its scope. Written by Nihad Shalabi, the film follows a man (portrayed in a cold fashion by Bill Sorvino) on his berserk path. The first poster for the […]

  • Update on Sam Borowski’s “Maniac”

    Movie Vine has learned that MANIAC scribe Nihad Shalabi has stepped down as Director because of a conflict with another project, however, Producer Sam Borowski has agreed to Direct the film. It is believed that Shalabi will take on some sort of Producing role for his script, joining a Producing team of Borowski, Edward Kruglik, […]

  • Bill Sorvino to star in Nihad Shalabi’s “Maniac”

    In summer 2013, a short film called Maniac is due to be released into the festival circuit. The films stars Bill Sorvino (who gave a stellar performance in the award-winning Pollination *) as the titular character. Written and directed by Nihad Shalabi and produced by Sam Borowski, the film co-stars Joe D’Onofrio, who has performed roles […]

  • Sam Borowski’s “Pollination *” hits the Trail Dance Film Festival

    The Sam Borowski short film that revolves around the plants of our world and the interwoven connections within other aspects of life has already been shown at the Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, Oklahoma. The short, which has generated a great deal of Oscar buzz already, stars Federico Castelluccio, Bill Sorvino, Mary Dimino, Maria […]

  • Pollination *: A Short Film Review

    There is much life rooted within the world. Pollination * draws in and roots the viewer in their seat, teaching them the essence of our world’s natural offspring. Although short in length, the short film directed by award-winner Sam Borowski is a captivating lesson that is both intriguing and ticklish to the funny bone. Greatly […]