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Borowski Does It Again with “Maniac” – An Exclusive Review

Awe-inspiring, full of character-driven moments and packed with a great amount of brilliance, Maniac is a thrill-ride that is not to be missed. The short is directed and produced by award-winning Sam Borowski (Night Club, Pollination *) and written by Nihad Shalabi. With performances that grip you, the short revolves around the Man, a character portrayed with utter genius by Bill Sorvino, a man haunted by his inner demons and the desire to stop bad people from hurting the innocent.Maniac_Poster_HDFIXboxdavid-b

Borowski’s direction gives off a Tarantino-like vibe following the Man between the lines of hero and anti-hero. You find yourself wondering whether you should root for this character, or against him. Joseph D’Onofrio (Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale), Maria Rusolo, Mary Dimino, David Harris (who played “Cochise,” in the iconic Walter Hill film, The Warriors), Dominik Tiefenthaler and Paige Wilhide round-out the cast in supporting roles that also bring forth unique and captivating performances.

With a look, feel and a score that rings in a 1970s-touch to the short, Borowski worked with Bill Schweikert to help give Maniac its memorable essence. A great feeling of homage for Taxi Driver is felt throughout the short as the Man’s actions take place and grip the characters around him. The audience gets a great sense of nostalgia for films of the past.

Maniac shows viewers that Borowski can make a heartfelt feature film (Night Club), a short film that tells us about humanity (Pollination *) and a gripping thrill-ride that follows a man between the lines of hero and anti-hero. The themes of heroes and anti-heroes, vigilantes and right and wrong are greatly shown here and are sure to be a big hit as the short begins its festival run by premiering at FLICKERS Rhode Island International Film Festival, an Oscar-Qualifier, on August 10, 2013.

Maniac is also slated to screen at the 30th Long Island Film Festival (Sept. 7th), the Northeast Film Festival (Mid-September) and the Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City (Oct.11th). With performances, writing and direction that is Oscar-worthy, this film is sure to pick up many awards following its premiere.

Kale Slade

Kale Slade has written for Movie Vine and Entertainment Vine for four years. Striving to do what he can to aid filmmakers in promoting and crafting their projects, he enjoys lending a hand when he can. He also enjoys horseback riding, photography, writing poetry and novels and spending time in nature, experiencing the beauties of life.
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