Sam Borowski’s “Pollination *” hits the Trail Dance Film Festival


The Sam Borowski short film that revolves around the plants of our world and the interwoven connections within other aspects of life has already been shown at the Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, Oklahoma. The short, which has generated a great deal of Oscar buzz already, stars Federico Castelluccio, Bill Sorvino, Mary Dimino, Maria Rusolo and newcomer Michael Maugeri.

New York director Borowski’s previous project include the Oscar-qualified film The Mandala Maker and Night Club, a film starring the late Ernest Borgnine and featuring the story of a group of friends and their attempts to liven up a resting home for the elderly. Both projects have received many awards and nominations and Borowski’s latest enlightening and inspiring short sure lives up to the potential.

Pollination * has already generated some attention from the local news outlets, with Borowski being interviewed by KSWO-TV, where he provided his insight into the film industry and the film itself. The short has been nominated for best Short Narrative at the festival, adding to a long list of nominations and awards from other festivals, which include Best Short Short at the Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City

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