Unknown (2011) – A Review


Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson

Venturing into my local film theater on February 28 of the year 2011, I sat in the second most seated room, ready to watch Liam Neeson return to the big screen in what was sure to be a rip-roaring action fest.

It was minute later that the lights dimmed and the screen lit, the start of an amazing action/thriller/mystery flick in the light of Taken, another Liam Neeson film.

Unknown features Dr. Martin Harris (portrayed brilliantly by Liam Neeson) awakening after a near-fatal accident involving a taxi-cab veering from a bridge into a frigid watery possible grave. However, Harris is saved by a beautiful cab driver portrayed by Diane Kruger.

Martin awakens with vague memories of his past. Parts have faded, yet what remains is the memory of his wife (January Jones), his main goal after awakening from a 4 day coma. He releases himself and sets out to find her, but when he does, she doesn’t seem to recall him. Another man (Aidan Quinn) has taken his identity.

This is where the film hits the accelerator as Neeson’s character attempts to discover what’s happening…and why.

Also starring Bruno Ganz and Frank Langella, Unknown is certain to have you gasping and on the edge of your seat, waiting for what’s next. The film is now playing.

Rating: 9.5/10

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