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The Devil’s Carnival

The day has finally arrived! The Devil’s Carnival is available as a Deluxe CD/DVD combo pack (Sinner’s Edition) and, for a limited time, as a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack (Ringmaster Edition). Only 6,660 copies were initially made for Blu-Ray, so get to The Devil’s Carnival website and order your Ringmaster Edition today!

A Rebel in Hell, How Original: Let us begin with a prelude of most importance. Prior to The Devil’s Carnival, this writer was purely a DVD gal. This format was perfectly fine as it was, and Blu-Ray just seemed a slightly crisper, more expensive version that was somewhat unnecessary. However, after much consideration, and as a huge fan of Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich’s work, it was decided that Blu-Ray would be the way to go to show them the ultimate Carnie support. However, if you are still unsure you want to go the Blu-Ray route, here is what you can expect from the Ringmaster Edition.

The Ringmaster Edition contains both a Blu-Ray and a DVD copy of The Devil’s Carnival. While the Sinner’s Edition is a DVD, it does not contain the same features as the DVD that accompanies the Ringmaster Edition. Let’s take a look at what makes this edition so unique and worth the conversion.

I Always Find The Best Way To Uncover Something Lost Is To Retrace My Steps: First thing’s first. Watch the episode! See what you might’ve missed after the first (and/or second) road tour. Be it laptop or television, you’ll now have the power to pause, rewind, or fast-forward to the parts you missed, loved, or are not sure about after seeing the first time. After reliving the thrills and chills of the night spent on their road tour, experience the sideshow attractions: The Devilish Documentaries, Accursed Audio Commentaries, and Possessed Previews.

Episode One, Then Two, But First See The Process: Darren & Terrance Dreaming The Pieces To View: The Devilish Documentaries consists of behind-the-scenes featurettes. Take a look at what went into making The Devil’s Carnival from the awkward first sex talk to the beautifully horrific birth of this creation in “The Devil Made Me Do It: The Making of The Devil’s Carnival.” Watch interviews with different cast members as well as Darren Lynn Bousman, Laura Bousman, Spooky Dan, and Lucifer himself, Terrance Zdunich interwoven with behind-the-scenes clips from the filming of The Devil’s Carnival.

Go a bit further into the Carnival as they tell you the tale of how the makeup of characters like Lucifer, Twin, and Painted Doll came to be the tragic masterpieces you see on screen in the segment entitled “The Devil’s in the Details: The Special Makeup and Prosthetic Effects of The Devil’s Carnival.” Get the actors’ reactions to their experience with the makeup process.

Finally, where would The Devil’s Carnival be if not for its fans? Check out the phenomenon that was “A Devil of a Time: The Devil’s Carnival Road Tour.” Darren, Terrance and the rest recognize the fans for their enthusiasm and involvement in making The Devil’s Carnival the most unparalleled cinematic experience to date. View clips from the tour both on location and snippets of them on the move.

Watching Episode One Sure Is Boss, But Let’s Not Forget The Audio Commentaries Viewers May Come Across: Have a listen and behold the tales untold in The Devilish Documentaries as you choose between three Accursed Audio Commentaries. From the mouths of Hell’s little devils, choose audio commentary with Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich. Hear from some Guests and Carnies as you listen to audio commentary with Sean Patrick Flanery, Briana Evigan, Emilie Autumn, and Marc Senter. Testify as you enjoy “A Repo Reunion,” an audio commentary with Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich, Bill Moseley, Ogre, Paul Sorvino, and Alexa Vega. Each commentary has loves, laughs, and a bunch of interesting little bits of information that make each scene even more enjoyable to watch.

It’s Off To Hell We Go! Fall all over again as you select the Possessed Previews feature! Here, Carnies will find the 11-minute Painted Doll Web Teaser that initially circulated the Internet, attracting many a curious fans as they searched the net. They’ll also find the Theatrical Trailer featured as well.

A Dog And Her Reflection: Greedy hearts will love the Ringmaster Edition! Not only for it’s features, but for the quality as well. The Carnival grows as you switch from DVD to Blu-Ray. You feel like you’re there. The picture is clearer, the effects are more defined, and things pop out at you that you wouldn’t think to notice on DVD. The Devil’s Carnival definitely converted this writer to a Blu-Ray lover.

We’re One & We’re Twain: The DVD and Blu-Ray in the Ringmaster Edition are twins. Each disk holds the same Sideshow Attractions with minor differences. One big difference is the quality of the Blu-Ray Disc, as mentioned previously. The other difference is the option for subtitles. Blu-Ray has the option for subtitles in Sideshow Attractions. You won’t miss a thing! When you have commentary playing, the subtitles will recognize and show what the characters are saying in the episode.

I Serve Ordinary Sinners And Extraordinary Ones! If The Devil’s Carnival and these features haven’t converted you to Blu-Ray, don’t fret. The Sinner’s Edition holds things the Ringmasters would have to pay extra to check out. The Sinner’s Edition contains music audio commentary as well as a featurette. This edition also comes with an expanded soundtrack! It’s available at Hot Topic (online as well as in store).

Reckless Creatures Always Want Another Find: In this day and age, everything is available online, and The Devil’s Carnival is no excuse. Look to media outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and you’ll find a digital copy for your own enjoyment! If you already have the soundtrack, but want songs off the expanded edition, iTunes also has The Devil’s Carnival (Expanded Soundtrack) available for download.

We’re Putting Heaven Out Of Business: Episode one was a blast and two isn’t far behind. Be sure to keep tabs on The Devil’s Carnival updates by following those involved on their various social networks: Darren Lynn Bousman (Facebook, Twitter, Blog), Terrance Zdunich (Facebook, Twitter, Blog), and The Devil’s Carnival (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Email Alerts!).

Written by Sandyra O’Meara

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