Monster High Movie (Ghoul’s Rule) DVD Review

Monster High is a movie for those of you who have daughters who love the fashionable Monster High Dolls, called ” Monster High (Ghoul’s Rule).”  The characters are inspired by horror/sci-fi movies that includes: Frankie Stein (the daughter of Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein), Clawdeen Wolf (the daughter of the werewolf), Draculaura (the daughter of Dracula), Cleo De Nile (the daughter of the mummy), and Ghoula Yelps (the daughter of the zombie).

The students of Monster High are getting ready for  the Halloween celebrations.  They are taught to stay away from humans (called the normies) because of an old conflict between them.  Frankie Stein wants to prove to the other monsters that the normies are nice and they can both get along, even though they are different on the outside, since they are the same inside. And the two side can become friends.

This was a fun, brilliant, spooky movie. I loved all the characters.  The movie also gave a good meaning about not judging a person from the outside, but get to know the person from the inside.  When I watched this movie I thought about how fun it would be to go to that High school.

If you want more information, games, and other fun Monster High things, you can go to their website:


By Michelle Hassenstab

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