Netflix Announces Plans To Raise Prices


It’s not every day we get to cite the New York Times, but they have the scoop on Netflix’s decision to raise their prices. If you’re already a member the prices won’t change till September, but if you’re not one of the 20 million customers, the new price is cost for joining up. Just what IS the increase you ask?

“Under the terms announced Tuesday, the streaming-only service will continue to cost $8 a month; a separate DVD-only service will also cost $8 a month for one DVD at a time or $12 a month for two.”

You have the option of combining streaming and physical plans, so say you’re used to one DVD at a time and streaming whenever you want, that will run you about $16 as opposed to the current $10.

Netflix has been moving toward becoming stream only for about a year now, and this seems like a logical step. Shipping all those DVDs gets expensive, and with more an more folks tightening their belts, they’ll likely switch to the streaming-only plan in lieu of letting “Gran Torino” collect dust on their coffee table. With more subscribers to the stream, Netflix can play hardball when it comes to acquiring more content. And lets not forget they recently ordered production of their first original series, “House of Cards,” the brainchild of David Fincher and Kevin Spacey, and intend to produce more.

Yes, my friends, the Netflix monopoly certainly seems imminent, and I for one welcome our new entertainment overlords….


  1. I just started the streaming last month for my grandchildren when they visit(and me too, okay more me than them lol). We absolutely love it. We had a few problems at first but I purchased a new computer last week (7 years and 3 motherboards from my emachine, may he rest in peace-and thank you for all the fun you’ve given us). Anyway we have had only one problem since and that was a tech problem at Netflix, it has been fixed. I have no personal transportation so the redbox is out of the question and as NF is trying to get more streaming videos and reverting to this format only well I’m here for awhile anyway-until the streaming price goes up too much for my measly budget to afford.

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