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  • BluRay Review: “War Horse”

    In A Nutshell: Steven Spielberg shows the horrors of war through the eyes of a remarkable horse and his long lost master. The Flick: From my original review: “No one can depict a war ravaged Europe like Spielberg can. Joey sees a lot of shit, and its all presented via Spielberg’s keen eye for detail and world building. […]

  • “War Horse” Arrives On BluRay And DVD

    I liked War Horse a lot, so I’m excited to share the details on the film’s home video release with you all today. From the press release: Legendary Academy Award-winning motion picture director/producer Steven Spielberg presents the critically acclaimed and multi Academy Award-nominated epic adventure “War Horse” on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On-Demand, April 3rd, […]

  • Check Out The Animatronic Horse From “War Horse”

    War Horse is a great movie, and Spielberg employed an excellent mix of CGI, practical effects, and trained horses to pull off the titular character of Joey. The animatronics were used mostly for the scene involving Joey and a lot of barbed wire. Spielberg was so impressed with the animatronic he considered using more robotic […]

  • Review: “War Horse” Is A Good Ol’ Fashioned Tear Jerker

    Director Steven Spielberg is widely known as a master of audience manipulation, prone to sentimentality that makes him equally beloved and despised by the critical community. He is also on record as a huge fan of John Ford’s epics such as The Grapes of Wrath and The Searchers. So it’s no surprise to see that […]

  • Tin Tin Swings Into Action In New Trailer

    Paramount and Nickelodeon are doing their best to sell Tin Tin to American audiences, and with this trailer they may have finally succeeded. There’s a lot of action, a lot of cool visuals, and the characters finally look like they work as physical beings in an actual place. Some of the time at least. The […]

  • Here’s A Stunning Trailer For Spielberg’s “War Horse”

    I don’t use the adjective “gorgeous” lightly. In fact, I can only think of two or three occasions when the word escaped my lips/pen. But damn this trailer is gorgeous. After his last directorial effort Indiana Jones and the Infinite Eye Rolling disappointed fans around the globe, Spielberg seems to have gotten right back on the […]