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  • Sunlight Jr. : Digs into Places that Hurt

    Each time I sat down to work on my review for Sunlight Jr., I found myself stuck on the first line. How do I describe this movie? How do I talk about it? It felt too honest for me to discuss glibly. It also made me incredibly uncomfortable even though the people in the movie […]

  • Review : Hello Herman

    School massacres are excessively hard to portray when Columbine still hangs over our heads, years and years later, and the copy cat attacks that have happened since. Not only that, but to touch on these topics brings a certain sensationalistic feeling that can go only two ways: either the director will find their footing and […]

  • Night Of The Templar Now On DVD: Stars Paul Sampson, Norman Reedus and more

    Night of the Templar has a dynamic star cast including: Paul Sampson (Lord Gregoire / Jake McCallister), David Carradine (Shopkeeper), Udo Kier (Father Paul), Norman Reedus (Henry Flesh), Billy Drago (Shauna the Chef), Max Perlich (Benoit the Butler), Nick Jameson (Lord Renault), Jack Donner (The Grand Master), Ingrid Sonray (Amy), Lisa Gleave (Ashley), Sofie Norman […]

  • New Night of the Templar Poster And Showing At Cannes

    Night Of The Templar: A Medieval Knight resurrects to fulfill his vow and bestow a blood-thirst vengeance upon the kindred spirits of those who betrayed him long ago. In the course of one night, identities will be revealed, destinies met, and a poetic justice of the macabre maniacally served. Night Of The Templar can be […]

  • New Night Of The Templar Trailer & Berlin Film Fest Screening

    The new trailer for Night Of The Templar has just been released! The poster will be coming soon! Additionally, the Night Of The Templar movie will be screening at the Berlin Film Festival on Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 7:45 pm! Here’s the story: A Medieval Knight resurrects to fulfill his vow and bestow a […]

  • The Fandom Menace

    Before you ask, no, I did not make a mistake with the title. This isn’t an article about Star Wars, though nothing tops Star Wars. However, this is about FANDOM.  See, fandom basically consists of people who share a mutual love for something, they usually refer to their close-knit groups as families, where they can […]

  • Norman Reedus To Co-Star In Sunlight Jr. Movie

    It has been announced that actor Norman Reedus will co-star in the independent movie Sunlight Jr. which is due to go into production in December in Florida. Reedus is best known for his roles as Murphy MacManus in The BDS cult classic movie and as the cross-bow wielding red-neck Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. […]

  • Interview With Norman Reedus About His Hillbilly Daryl Dixon Character

    Actor Norman Reedus stars in the role of Daryl Dixon on AMC’s The Walking Dead zombie television series. He’s also known for his role of Murphy in BDS 1 & 2. Read below for an interview with Norman. Norman Reedus: I love being on The Walking Dead. It’s by far my favorite job I’ve ever […]

  • “The Walking Dead” take over “The Soup” : Sneak A Peek

    What happens when “The Walking Dead” take over “The Soup”? Check out Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Steven Yeun (Glenn) in the sneak peek at this three-minute television event! Who’s been infected? Ryan Seacrest? The Kardashians? …

  • Messengers 2: The Scarecrow – The Beginning of The End / DVD Review

    Messengers 2 (a prequel to The Messengers) stars another favorite actor of mine; the brilliant and talented actor Norman Reedus. He plays a farmer, named John Rollins, that’s going through hard times. His trouble begins when his irrigation system is not working and can’t water his crops.  He gets fed-up when the crows are eating his corn, and […]