Norman Reedus To Co-Star In Sunlight Jr. Movie


It has been announced that actor Norman Reedus will co-star in the independent movie Sunlight Jr. which is due to go into production in December in Florida. Reedus is best known for his roles as Murphy MacManus in The BDS cult classic movie and as the cross-bow wielding red-neck Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead.

Sunlight Jr. is a love story set in the ruins of the American dream. Melissa (Naomi Watts) is a convenience store clerk who lives in a motel with her paraplegic boyfriend, Richie (Matt Dillon). When they learn they are going to have a baby, they are genuinely excited. But when she loses her job and they are evicted from the motel, they face difficult choices about life and their relationship.

Norman Reedus will be playing the role of Melissa’s ex-boyfriend.

The film is written by Laurie Collyer who is also due to direct.

As with any independent film, news will be touch and go.