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  • “Game Of Thrones” Renewed For Season Three

    The EW has the scoop that HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for a third season. The sword and sorcery epic has been raking in excellent numbers for the cable channel and has become the kind of show folks talk about around the office, which is the main thing HBO wants. The more your coworkers […]

  • The Second Season Of “Game of Thrones” Gets Two Spoiler-Filled Posters

    The second season of Game of Thrones is on the horizon and HBO has released two new posters to go with the teaser we brought you a few weeks ago. The trouble is, both posters spoil some major plot points that occur late in the first season, so if you haven’t caught up yet, I […]

  • BluRay Review: “Game of Thrones” Season One

    I won’t be the first person to note that we are in a Golden Age of scripted television. The current landscape is populated by so many wonderful programs (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Louie, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Recreation) and HBO can claim some responsibility for this wonderful era. The Sopranos is the show that many […]

  • Check Out This Trailer For “Game of Thrones: Season Two”

    The first season of HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones hit shelves just yesterday, and (Nerd Alert!) I just finished watching the whole thing last night. I’ll have a full review ready for you all later today (EDIT: that review is now live here), but in the meantime here’s a taste of the show’s second season […]

  • HBO Will Stay With “Game of Thrones” Till The End

    At the TCAs this week HBO Programming Presidents Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler sat and talked with journalists about all things HBO, most notably their intention to finish Game of Thrones just as author George RR Martin intends it to. HBO fans have been burned before by the company’s early cancellation of Deadwood and Rome, and […]

  • 63rd Emmy Nominations

    Award shows don’t matter. I feel I need to stress this point before going in to any analysis or rhetoric when it comes to Emmys, Oscars, and certainly the Golden Globes. They matter to the victors, ’cause they can add “Award Winner” to their name and get better gigs, but when it comes to honestly […]