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  • The Accountant on DVD

    Director Gavin O’Connor’s action crime thriller The Accountant is now available on DVD. CPA Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is hired by a robotics company to find a multi-million dollar discrepancy in their books. Upon arriving at the company he is introduced to Dana (Anna Kendrick) who has been tasked with assisting Christian. With high functioning autism […]

  • “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” Poster Released

    Coinciding with the death of Tom Clancy on October 1, 2013, the first teaser poster for the Kenneth Branagh directed, Tom Clancy based film has been released, featuring Chris Pine as Jack Ryan. Formerly a United States Marine, Jack Ryan is a man of great skills, that finds himself entangled with the CIA. In a […]

  • Ben Affleck Will Play Batman In “Batman Vs Superman”

    The hunt for the next Batman is over. Warner Brothers officially announced today that Ben Affleck, the actor and director that just won the Best Picture Oscar for the studio last year, has signed on to star as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. “Ben provides an interesting counterbalance to Henry’s Superman,” director […]

  • Here’s A Trailer For The Amazing True Story “Argo”

    The Canadian Caper is a fascinating story well worth telling, and Ben Aflleck, fresh off his directorial smash The Town, seems to be the perfect guy to bring that story to the big screen. Affleck is joined by the Justice League of Greay Character Actors: Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Michael Parks, and Kyle Chandler. I […]

  • Shakespeare In Love Movie on Blu-Ray : Video Clips & Photos

    I love love love the Shakespeare In Love movie! The wonderful characters, the elegant costumes, the whimsical music, and the engaging story that includes romance, love and drama. This movie is packed full of award winning actors including Gwyneth Paltrow, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush, Ben Affleck, and it also won 7 Academy Awards (including best […]

  • Ben Affleck to Direct Stephen King’s “The Stand”

    Warner Bros is a studio that likes to keep their directors in house and free to do as they please. They’ve staked their reputation on filmmakers like the Wachowski siblings, Clint Eastwood, and Christopher Nolan. Naturally they’ve been trying to attract new blood lately, most recently they snared Matt Reeves to handle their Twilight Zone update. […]