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  • Interview With Francesca Zappitelli

    A woman of strength and character from Northern Ontario, the beautiful Francesca Zappitelli is a skilled actress and wrestler. Working hard often to study her craft, she brings with her to the screen the strength and force that is often seen in a leading woman. Kale: What first brought your attention to film? Francesca: I […]

  • Interview With Bianca Barnett

    Biana Barnett is a beautiful soul. A native of Texas, she has lived a life of sorrow and tragedy, but has persevered with her great strength and will. Quickly gaining fans with her many captivating roles, she showed that she not only had the beauty to model, but the overall character to act. Bianca: Initially, […]

  • Interview With Emma Louise Cargill

    Emma Louise Cargill is a British model/actress who has been in several movies but now has a featured role in “On the Ropes“. “On the Ropes” is a British mockumentary about a rivalry between martial arts instructor, Keith Kraft and boxing gym owner, Big Joe. I recently chatted with Emma about her role as Candy […]