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  • Abertoir Horror Festival 2012

    After writing about this wonderful festival a while ago, I can now present to you the promo for last year’s Abertoir. For more information about the event,  you can visit their website for more updates about this year’s festival. They’ve already announced the dates, but there’s no word yet on what’s to come. However based […]

  • “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” – A Review

    INTRODUCTION: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is an exciting action-adventure thrill ride and a big contender for my favorite film of 2011. The film sees Tom Cruise return as IMF agent Ethan Hunt on his most exciting and dangerous mission yet. After launch codes for a Russian nuclear weapon are stolen, Ethan Hunt, his team […]

  • “They Came in Peace and Left in Pieces”: Inbred Review (Abertoir 2011)

    Review Written By Hayley Alice Roberts. Directed by Alex Chandon Written by Alex Chandon and Paul Shrimpton Starring Jo Hartley, Seamus O’ Neill, James Doherty, James Burrows, Neil Leiper, Chris Waller, Nadine Rose Mulkerrin and Terry Haywood. Yorkshire-set “Inbred” (2011) directed by Alex Chandon has something for everyone. The cast and crew involved with the […]

  • Abertoir Horror Festival 2011: Day 1

    After weeks of anticipation Abertoir finally arrived with an intriguing first night of horror. Kicking off the festival was the ‘House of Long Shadows’ starring Vincent Price in what was to be the first of many films throughout the convention that paid tribute to such an iconic actor. After setting the mood for the evening, […]

  • New Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Poster

    The new poster for David Fincher’s remake has a very classy and dark mood behind it, very much keeping in touch with the rest of the marketing for it as a dark, edgy and gritty thriller. As far as remakes go this one could actually turn out to be a brilliant piece of filmmaking, however […]

  • Super DVD Review

    *Contains Spoilers* This startling black comedy is filled to the brim with extreme violence, aspirations for assuming heroic responsibilities as well as the more human response to dealing with them. Compared to the more stylised films of late such as kick ass, this is a step into grittier territory where superhero antics are relished with […]

  • Classic Moviemaking: Super 8 Review

    *Contains Spoilers* It has created over the months intrigue, mystery and speculation… Excitement for this film has undoubtedly been high for this summer blockbuster. From its clever marketing campaign, slowly releasing information like a trail of breadcrumbs, to the release of nostalgic posters and trailers that revealed a monster movie with homage’s to past filmmakers […]