Tamara Drewe DVD Movie Review

Tamara Drewe is a romantic comedy from the graphic novel under the same name written by Posy Simmonds.  This movie shows all the aspects of a good drama story which includes romance, desires, lust, jealousy, sex, love affairs, and even death.

Tamara Drewe (Gemma Arterton) is a journalist who returns home to sell her mother’s house after her death.  With her new nose she seems to be turning some heads of the people that knew her as a teenager.  She has to choose between the handsome handyman Andy Cobb (Luke Evans), the bad boy drummer Ben Sergeant (Dominic Cooper), and the much older novelist Nicholas Hardiment (Roger Allam).  Which of these three men do you think she’ll end up with?

I enjoyed watching this movie and I viewed all the sections of this DVD, including: The making of Tamara Drewe, The reconstructing Tamara Drewe, and a commentary with Gemma Arterton and Luke Evans.  I think all the actors played their character well, because you can relate to them and to their situation which they have to face.  I fell in love with each one of the characters. There are some really funny scenes in this movie. I recommend you to watch it if you haven’t seen it.

By Michelle Hassenstab


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