DVD Review Of Camelot That Turned Out To Be Just A Legend

Starz  T.V. series of Camelot is the new version on the legendary tale.  After King Uther’s (Sebastian Koch) death, Merlin (Joseph Fiennes) decides to bring his long lost son, Arthur (Jamie Cambell Bower), from his hiding place to be king.  Arthur doesn’t know that he has competition from his sister Morgan (Eva Green).  Throughout this show it tells a tale about Arthur’s journey of finding the Excalibur, being a king of Camelot, and falling in love with Guinevere (Tamsin Egerton).  There is a lot of strong language, nudity, and sexual content.

I had mixed views about this T.V. series and writing this review was very hard.  I now know why Starz didn’t renew it for a second season.  Here are some of my views about what I thought was bad. I’m sorry if some of you disagree with me.  The story kinda dragged a little bit in some scenes making it boring to watch.  It seemed like Morgan and Arthur were always fighting with each other.  I think they showed Morgan as an evil sorceress of black magic,  instead of  being the powerful, heroine priestess like she was in the legends.  There was no mention of Avalon and the Great Goddess.

The only great things about this show were the special effects and the costumes designs.  The special features on the DVD were the best to watch.   You have to like the Camelot legends to want to own this DVD, which I do own since I also like the legends.  The DVD special features include:

*Starz Studios: Camelot

*Camelot Character Profiles

*The Knights

*The Women of Camelot

*Candid Camelot

*Scene Breakdowns

*On the Set: Mooney’s Movie

*Camelot Bloopers

By Michelle Hassenstab

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  1. Never apologize to folks who disagree with you, Michelle. It’s a sign of weakness!! This is your opinion, and they gotta deal with it! 🙂

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