Wanderlust: The Official Movie Trailer

Here’s the trailer from a new movie called Wanderlust, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.  It’s about a Manhattan couple who lives in a fast-paced life.  One day after losing his job, George (Paul Rudd) decides to pack up everything and move to Atlanta with his girlfriend Linda (Jennifer Aniston).  But the only one thing that they’re going to find is a wake-up call, when they accidentally come across a free loving community called the Elysium.  They both find out that life is not all about having a good Career and Money.  It’s to enjoy the things that you do have and the people around you.

In theaters Feb. 24, 2012

By Michelle Hassenstab

One Comment

  1. Great stuff Jennifer Aniston for gaining entry to Hollywood’s exclusive Walk of Fame! She seems to be the only one out of all the ‘Friends’ who’s succeeded in getting a solo career, still, don’t spose the others are too upset what with all that money they’ve got between them LOL!

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