Here’s Good News And Bad News About “Star Trek 2”


Precisely one month ago we reported that Benicio del Torro was in talks to play the villain in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 2. Since then there’s been a flurry of argument over whether or not del Torro would be playing Khan, culminating with Abrams issuing a statement to HitFix on the matter:

“Not true.”

However, it would seem that the role of Khan is correct, but del Torro is not. Vulture has the scoop that negotiations have broken down completely between Abrams and del Torro so the actor won’t be in the film after all.

Peter Weller, however, will be. The RoboCop actor will be playing a villainous C.E.O., according to /Film, and one can only assume that Weller will be in charge of the company that finds the Botany Bay and works with Khan in one form or another.

So who’s the front runner for Khan? /Film claims it’s Édgar Ramírez (CheDominoThe Bourne Ultimatum). 

We’l keep you updated as the story develops.