Evil Dead Review

Here we are with yet another remake. The original Evil Dead was made in 1981 and ended up becoming a cult classic. For an 80’s movie you have to admit that it’s gory as can be and pretty frightening in concept. All in all, it’s understandable why the original became a big favourite among horror lovers.

Fede Alvarez took on the task of revitalizing the classic Evil Dead equipped with a much larger budget, thirty years of technological advances and (we hoped,) better actors. Let’s just say they hit the nail on… the side of the head, maybe.

The gore was exceptional. It was everything you would expect from a film made in the last six years and by that I mean incredibly realistic compared to ‘Um, we can totally tell that they used ketchup for that scene where her limb comes off…” The acting was nothing special at all, but I guess you cannot expect much from a cast who proceed to hack each other up after being demonically possessed.

Because there wasn’t a hugely significant plot line in the original Evil Dead, Alvarez and his team had a little fun with beefing up the story line in their remake. I almost wish they hadn’t because it was pretty mediocre, but I’m all for veering away from mindlessly gory flicks.

The ending was different from the remake which I believe was necessary, but I can’t help but feel they tried too hard with it and definitely fell short. In conclusion though, the movie achieved what it was originally born to do and that was to scare the pants off the viewers.

Evil Dead’s official website is here.

By Samantha Dotson

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