10 Best Horror Films

I’m such a big horror fan ever, since the age of six. It was in the late 70’s when horror and science fiction movies were in the same magazine. I saw this magazine cover that had Star Wars on it and asked my dad to buy it for me. My dad bought it, not knowing what was inside. 

Inside of that magazine were pictures of Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead. He didn’t know those pictures were in there until after I showed him, and yes, he got mad. After that I was hooked on horror films. I didn’t get to watch them until I was older.
Here is my pick of the 10 best horror movies that I think would be good to watch and you can get them on Netflix.

10. Autumn

9. Shocker

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street ( the original movie)

7. Saw the Final Chapter

6. The Messengers 2 : The Scarecrow

5. The Messengers

4. Dog Soldiers

3. The Howling (the original movie)

2. Halloween (the original movie)

1. Night of the Living Dead (the original movie)

By Michelle Hassenstab

One Comment

  1. I grew up about 20 miles from where Night Of the Living Dead was filmed…I believe it was Evans City, PA…I was 10 when I went to the theater with my friends…who all got up and left me by myself when the movie started…I was in the big middle section, front row, far left seat…why do I remember? Because I am 53 now and I am scarred for life. We used to watch Chiller Theater on Saturday nights with Chilly Billy Cardill…it ran the names of all the local cities on the scrawl…everything was familiar. When the movie was over, I came out onto Main St. Butler, at dusk, I ran home past Thompson’s Funeral Home to my grandmothers. I still can’t watch that movie without locking the doors and windows and locking the doors. And I know zombies live in the woods and are watching me when I get out of my car at night…..subconscious is crazy. Which is why your #1 Rating is accurate. I also, Loved Shaun of the Dead…they did an awesome job.

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