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  • “Killer Elite” Comes To BluRay and DVD

    Killer Elite, the action film based on a true story, is coming to BluRay and DVD on January 10, 2012. From the press release:  Based on a shocking true story, Killer Elite is a gritty battle between guns-for-hire that has been hailed as “one of the best action thrillers of the year!” by Richard Roeper, ReelzChannel. Pitting […]

  • “We Make A Lot Of Shitty Movies” Says Universal President

    We don’t like to post a lot of gossip here at MovieVine, but sometimes things are said that absolutely need to be reported. Case in point: Universal’s chief executive Ron Meyer recently spoke at the Savannah Film Festival and pulled a stunt that would make Network‘s Howard Beale proud. Universal’s been having some trouble over the last […]

  • “Scarface” Returns to Theaters On August 31st!

    Universal and NCM Fathom have sent us a press release with details about the One Night Only event that will bring “Scarface” back to theaters. Blasting onto the silver screen with the intensity of its original release nearly 30 years ago, the pop culture phenomenon Scarface, starring Al Pacino and directed by Brian De Palma, returns […]

  • “Jurassic Park 4” Inches Closer Towards Possibly Happening

    As far back as I can remember, there have been rumors of a Jurassic Park 4. The franchise’s third installment dates back to 2001, when internet journalism was still in its relative infancy, and sites like AintItCoolNews and CHUD would run what seemed like annual “JURASSIC PARK 4 IS HAPPENING, FOR REALS THIS TIME, GUYS!” […]

  • Universal cancels “The Dark Tower”

    Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment have been shopping around an adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. The adaptation involves three feature films and two seasons of television, and Howard hoped to shoot the first film and season of TV during the same time period in effort to cut costs. Universal has been circling the property […]

  • “The Thing” Trailer Is Online!

    I made a few jokes at Universal’s expense the other day regarding their lack of promotion for “The Thing.” I guess somebody heard me… I’ll admit, this looks fairly decent, and the R rating is a relief. Mary Elzabeth Winstead looks competent in the role, and the trailer emulates the original’s mood pretty well. I’m […]

  • Edward Norton ponders “The Bourne Legacy”

    As Universal looks with jealous eyes at Warner Bros, Disney, and 20th Century Fox and their numerous successful franchises, they continue to pin their hopes on the Fast and Furious and Bourne films. While the Fast crew are more than happy to return again and again for each installment, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass have left the […]

  • “The Thing” Prequel Poster Leaks

    AintItCool has received a leaked poster image of “The Thing,” a prequel to the classic John Carpenter 1982 horror film also named “The Thing.” (I’m all for brand recognition, but REALLY? No subtitle or Roman numeral on there, Universal?) The poster looks decent enough, but the film’s been sitting on the shelf for a while now, and has settled […]