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  • Interview with film writer/director Jonathan Sobol

    Jonathan Sobol is a writer and director who has worked with a variety of known filmmakers to craft and hone his skills, creating great works of art along the way. His latest film, “The Fix” is set to be released this year. Kale: What first brought your attention to film? Jonathan: It started in art […]

  • Interview with Film Producer Nicholas Tabarrok

    Nicholas Tabarrok is a producer who has been working on a film named The Fix, which stars Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon, Jay Baruchel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Katheryn Winnick, Terence Stamp, and Kenneth Welsh. The Fix is about a motorcycle daredevil and former art thief who assembles his old crew, including his untrustworthy brother, for one last […]

  • “The Black Marks” retitled as “The Fix”

    The upcoming 2013 film, The Black Marks, has been retitled as The Fix. The film is Kurt Russell’s second in over six years and appears to be one of the best roles of his career. The film also stars Jay Baruchel, Chris Diamantopoulos, Matt Dillon and Terence Stamp. The story of the film revolves around […]

  • The Filmmaker Spotlight #3 – Kurt Russell

    For my third spotlight on filmmakers, I have chosen Kurt Russell, as I grew up watching his films as a child. A talented actor with a passion for aviation, Kurt Russell was born on March 17, 1951 and began his career with films as a young child, including the 1963 film, It Happened at the […]