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  • Here’s A Trailer For The “RoboCop” Remake

    If you enjoyed the original RoboCop but couldn’t handle the subversive humor, satire, and prevalent social themes, have I got good news for you! The trailer for the watered down remake is here, and boy does it sure look swell. There isn’t a single hint of that alienating intelligence here, just good ol’ fashioned explosions and gunfire!! […]

  • Check Out The New “RoboCop”

    Jose Padilha’s remake of the classic sci-fi actioner RoboCop has begun shooting, and despite an impressive cast that includes Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Keaton, and Joel Kinnaman as the titular RoboCop, no one is remotely excited about it. It’s hard to imagine a film that could possibly improve upon the original classic, and we’ve got […]

  • There’s A New “RoboCop” In Town

    A few days ago we learned that Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) had been chosen to play the lead in the RoboCop remake. The film will be directed by Jose Padilha, the director of the sporadically entertaining Elite Squad.  MTV News spoke with Kinnaman while the actor was out promoting the second season of The Killing and he offered the usual “Oh my god, its […]

  • Chris Pine Tops List to Portray Title Role in “Robocop” Remake

    MGM has announced its top choice to portray the role of Alex J. Murphy, previously portrayed by Peter Weller. Alex is a police officer who is nearly killed, but restored with cybernetics and fittingly given the name Robocop. The studio has decided its top choice shall be Chris Pine. The new Robocop film is to […]