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  • BluRay Review: Pixar Bounces Back With “Brave”

    After last summer’s Cars 2, Pixar found themselves in a position they’d never been in before: they were vulnerable. Cars 2 was a naked cash grab, their first poorly received film, and the sequel didn’t even match the numbers of the first entry when it came to merchandise and box office. Pixar stumbled, and anyone […]

  • Learn About The Time Pixar Accidentally Deleted “Toy Story 2”

    The production of Toy Story 2 is a fascinating story: the flick started out as a direct-to-video feature akin to Return of Jafar and The Lion King II. Eighteen months before the release date Disney execs took a look at the work in progress and decided to release the film in theaters instead. When Pixar head […]

  • Pixar Announces Three New Movies

    And with that, we can give solid information on Pixar’s release slate for the next three years. We’ve known a bit about these films for a few months through rumors and conjecture, but this is the first official announcement from Pixar regarding when each flick will hit screens. Brave arrives this summer, and then the […]

  • Check Out The Brand New Trailer For Pixar’s “Brave”

    There are a lot of flicks I’m looking forward to this summer. There’s the obvious Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, and then there’s the less popular Prometheus and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Of course, I’m immensely anticipating my annual PIXAR fix, and the trailers for Brave continue to impress. After the harshly negative reception of their 2011 […]

  • Check Out The New Trailer For Pixar’s “Brave”

    After the harshly negative reception of their 2011 film, Cars 2, Pixar is looking to bounce back hard with Brave this summer. I’ve been looking forward to this flick since it was announced way back in 2008, and each new trailer has been better than the last. This is Pixar’s first fairy tale, and their first […]

  • New Images From Pixar’s “Brave”

    After Cars 2 received sub-par reaction from critics and audiences this summer, PIXAR is looking to bounce back with Brave, their first original film since 2009’s Up. Today the studio released three new stills from the film, showcasing some new characters that haven’t been revealed until now. Here’s the synopsis: Since ancient times, stories of epic battles […]

  • Here’s a Full Synopsis of Pixar’s “Brave”

    Pixar takes a long time to get their films up and running, and for a couple years there’s been whispers of their first fairy tale film that also has their first female lead character. Animation nerds such as myself have been itching for it to get here, and now that a trailer and poster is […]