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  • Man of Steel : Review

    I will be up front about the fact that, until recent years, I hated Superman. He always fell short of Batman in my mind. His struggles were never real enough, his story wasn’t one I cared for, even his love interest made me grit my teeth: Lois Lane never seemed to wise up so much […]

  • Into the Fold with Mike Dopud

    Mike Dopud has taken the road less traveled on his journey in life. He is the kind of person Ben Franklin was referring to when he said “you can do anything you set your mind to”. With a degree in hand Mike began his athletic career as a football player. After an injury ended his […]

  • You’ll Believe A Man Can Fly After Seeing This “Man of Steel” Trailer

    The Superman character has always struck me as a perfect romantic mixture of hope and tragedy, and while I love the Richard Donner films and a few key sequences in Superman Returns, the only Superman story that did that balance justice was Tom De Haven’s novel It’s Superman!, a work that looks to have inspired […]

  • The “Man Of Steel” Trailers Are Here

    Warner Brothers attached two different Man of Steel trailers to The Dark Knight Rises this weekend. This trailer uses voice over from Pa Kent, while this one here uses a voice over from Supes’ other dad, Jor-El. This isn’t the first time director Zack Snyder has wowed audiences before Batman takes the stage. His spectacular teaser for Watchmen blew […]

  • First Official Photo of “Superman” Hits The Net

    Warner Bros has released the first hi-res image of Henry Cavill in full Superman gear, and one look will tell you: this ain’t Richard Donner’s Superman of yore. Man Of Steel hits theaters June 13th, 2013

  • Lawrence Fishburne joins “Man of Steel”

    EW reports that Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix, Mystic River) has signed on to play Perry White, Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet, in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Man of Steel (the next Superman film for the newbies among us) has been garnering quite a cast, with Oscar nominee Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Oscar […]