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  • Jaws : My take on Scene 188 “Interior – Pilot House – Night”

    Recently I was asked what’s the most influential film I’ve ever seen. I didn’t need a second to think before I answered Jaws. The influence of Jaws can been seen in several subtle and not so subtle ways in my debut feature Warhouse (starring Joseph Morgan from The Vampire Diaries). Jaws has just been released […]

  • “Jaws” Finally Makes Its Way To BluRay

    I’m of the opinion that Jaws is the greatest artistic achievement of the 20th century, so I’m crazy excited to hear that the flick is finally coming to BluRay as part of Universal’s “100 Years” celebration. I’m particularly stoked to see that the fantastic documentary The Shark Is Still Working will be included on the disc. For […]

  • Universal Pictures Wants To Remake JAWS

    If you thought it was safe to go back into the water, then think again.  Universal Pictures is considering a remake of the 1975 classic movie JAWS in 3D. These days there are more graphic special effects and movies can now be made in 3D, which would make the shark appear bigger and scarier looking and to get the new younger viewers hooked […]