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I work as a film director and my first major credit will be as the co-writer and director of Warhouse starring Joseph Morgan (Immortals, The Vampire Diaries) and Matt Ryan (Flypaper, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior). I am currently working on post-production on my second feature 500 Miles North which also stars Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan as well as Kevin Mcnally (Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy), Vanessa Branch (Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy), Wendy Glenn (Mercy) and Sue Johnston (Brassed Off and The Royle Family). [ Official Site ] [ IMDB ] [ Twitter ]

  • Slade In Flame

    Over the course of a Christmas week I can easily clear twenty plus movies without breaking a sweat and this Christmas was no different. While barely moving from the sofa, except to take another chocolate from the Christmas tree I rediscovered a little known British movie gem ‘Slade In Flame’. In my early twenties I […]

  • Blade Runner: Tears In Rain Soliloquy

    I’ve always had a strange relationship with Blade Runner as a film. As a teenager it was constantly in my forever-changing top five film list but, if my younger self was being brutally honest, he’d admit he used to watch Blade Runner just for Roy Batty’s dying monologue. Delivered in an amazing performance by Rutger […]

  • Jaws : My take on Scene 188 “Interior – Pilot House – Night”

    Recently I was asked what’s the most influential film I’ve ever seen. I didn’t need a second to think before I answered Jaws. The influence of Jaws can been seen in several subtle and not so subtle ways in my debut feature Warhouse (starring Joseph Morgan from The Vampire Diaries). Jaws has just been released […]