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  • Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” Hits DVD And BluRay On September 3rd!

    I quite enjoyed Iron Man 3, so I’m excited to share the news that Marvel has announced a home video release date for the film. Let’s just go straight to the press release: This fall, the highest-grossing movie of the year, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” launches on HD Digital 3D and HD Digital September 3, 2013, […]

  • Review: “Iron Man 3” Brings The Franchise To New Heights

      Note: This review contains spoilers for Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness. Marvel is making cinematic history. In the wake of 2008’s Iron Man the studio called their shot and planned a series of films that would culminate in the first cinematic superhero team-up The Avengers, and while they stumbled a bit here and […]

  • Tony Stark’s In Trouble In The First “Iron Man 3” Trailer

    Iron Man is my least favorite Marvel franchise, but even I’m intrigued by that trailer. It helps knowing Shane Black is taking the directorial reigns from Jon Favreau for this entry in the Stark saga. Favs would make a great car commercial director, and the first Iron Man was basically a car commercial when you […]

  • Jessica Chastain Joins “Iron Man 3”

    Deadline is reporting that Jessica Chastain is close to jumping into the Marvel universe by way of Iron Man 3, the superhero sequel set to begin shooting late next month. Chastain’s been around for a few years but 2011 was a banner year for the actress as she starred in two Best Picture contenders: The […]

  • “Iron Man 3” Has Cast Its Villain

    Iron Man 3 is set to begin production later this month with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang auteur Shane Black writing and directing, but it’s been constantly overshadowed by the flashier Avengers that hits theaters in early May. That being said, the Hollywood Reporter has got a story that many will want to take note of: Ben […]