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  • DVD Review: “Evil Dead”

    I’m not against remakes. Sure, Hollywood tends to lean on them a lot lately, but that’s only because audiences are usually more comfortable with the familiar than going to see something new. Whenever a remake is announced, fans get up in arms and gnash their teeth and exclaim “How could they do this!?!?!” and then […]

  • Evil Dead Review

    Here we are with yet another remake. The original Evil Dead was made in 1981 and ended up becoming a cult classic. For an 80’s movie you have to admit that it’s gory as can be and pretty frightening in concept. All in all, it’s understandable why the original became a big favourite among horror […]

  • Here’s The Moody, Bloody, and NSFW “Evil Dead” Trailer

    A remake of Evil Dead was inevitable, but with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell serving as producers and advisers this one has a fighting shot of being pretty good. Toss in a script that’s been punched up by Oscar winner Diablo Cody and now I’m plenty intrigued. That trailer seals the deal for me: this […]

  • The “Evil Dead” Remake Is Starting To Sound Pretty Good

    A while back we reported on Diablo Cody joining the Evil Dead remake, and now that production is about to begin we can expect more news to seep out. The latest comes from Bloody Disgusting, and the news concerns the film’s main character. Instead of Ash the remake will involve Mia, a recovering addict that goes […]

  • “The Evil Dead” enlist Diablo Cody

    As we reported the other day, Sam Raimi is prepping a remake of his beloved “Evil Dead” with first time director Fede Alvarez at the helm. Now we have further news: Diablo Cody, the screenwriter of Juno and Jennifer’s Body has agreed to rewrite Alvarez’s original draft. Cody is a divisive figure for pop culture junkies, […]

  • “Evil Dead” Remake Film to Begin Pre-Production

    Word comes that Bob Murawski, an editor who’s worked with Sam Raimi for many years was on his way to Detroit last night to begin work on a fourth Evil Dead film. The film is expected to be similar to past films and given an indie feel. Sam Raimi is said to be preparing the […]